HST171 is the History of Millennials in the United States. This is an extremely modern and informative class in which you learn about millennials in comparison to previous generations, and the impact they’ve already had on American society. The professor for this course is extremely engaging and brings a great attitude to class every day.

1. Take Notes

This is by far the most important tip in this class, as the professor literally tells you what is going to be on the test. He will say, “Write this down” and sure enough whatever you write down is asked on the following quiz or test. This is straightforward and should be taken at face value. If you do not take notes, there are random details that the professor wants you to know, and it will be impossible to know these details.

2. Study

The quizzes and tests are as straightforward as the note taking. This class comes down to a fair amount of memorization, and that is necessary to answer almost all the multiple-choice questions and short answer. There is no getting around memorization, this can be done by studying through OneClass or simply reviewing your notes over and over again. It is recommended to have some sort of system to quiz yourself so you can see if you truly know the information.

3. Follow the instructions

The professor teaching this course is a stringent grader when it comes to following the guidelines. He is not afraid to take off points for answering too many questions (if he asks for you to do 5/6 do NOT do all 6). Similarly, if the professor asks for 5-7 sentences, give him exactly that, no more, no less. By following the instructions, you can literally not fail. He even says it throughout his course… As long as you try your best and follow the instructions as they are written, he will not fail you on any assignment.

4. Participate

Participation is a common theme for success at Elon University, and this is due to the small class size. Participation and engagement accounts for 10% of your final grade, and is vital to your success. Through participation, you can show the professor you did the reading or are engaged in class, and your participation effort will be reflected in the professor’s subjective grading of your short answers/essays.

5. Focus on Group Projects

There are two projects done throughout this class, and they each account for a significant portion of your final grade. They are not hard in nature, but often groups underperform and receive B-‘s and B’s because there was a clear lack of effort, or the guidelines weren’t followed. Make sure to stick to the time limit (this is a pet peeve of this professor). But as long as you have a solid looking Powerpoint, and relatively interesting information, you should do fine. If you want to exceed the professor’s expectations, you could always make a video, memorize all your information, or do something creative to stand out from the other groups.

This course is not one of the harder classes, but it still requires going to class and taking notes. Make sure to follow the instructions, since the teacher is extremely strict when it comes to guidelines. Regardless of your major or minor, this is a great course to take if you are interested in U.S. History and don’t want to be swarmed with irrelevant information. This class is informative and interesting and with these tips, hopefully you can flourish!

Skyler De Groot

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