American Government is an extremely informative class that shows the true establishment of our government and explains how our government functions as a whole. This class goes through history and applies old concepts to our current scenario as our country sits in an unique political climate in history. This course is a solid grounding to understanding politics in the United States.

1. Foundation of America

The U.S. was founded in July 4th, 1776. Everyone knows that, but did you know that the constitution was created in 1787. This class takes an in-depth look at the first 15 years of our country’s existence from multiple perspectives. Primary sources are read and analyzed to truly see through the lens of Hamilton, Jefferson, and others. The articles of Confederation and the creation/implementation of the constitution are the historical focus of this course, but their ideology is examined in a modern sense and applies to much of our system today.

2. Congress

In this class, you will learn how a bill becomes a law. Not the version in the song we all know, but the lengthy and deadly process a bill must survive in order to be enacted. There are committees in both the House of Representatives and the Senate that you probably didn’t know exist, and others that are being formed as we speak. The committee process is where the majority of Congress’ work is done, as the voting and debates seen on C-Span is simply the end product.

3. Voting & Elections

Voting is a basic American right, and elections occur more often than we may think. This course examines the numbers and other details analyzed to understanding voting history in the U.S. Voting is obviously done for elections and for whoever an individual citizen sees as the best candidate, but the two-party system has erased much of this decision-making and created two baskets that Americans must fall into. Elections are much more complex than they may seem, and there are startling numbers learned, such as that the candidate who spends more money wins over 90% of the time.

4. Executive, Legislative, Judicial

The three branches of government within the U.S. were established under the constitution and have held the test of time. The original idea behind checks and balances plays a major role in our current society, and this concept is studied comprehensively. The establishment and adjustments over time are looked at in both why they occurred and how such changes affected America’s landscape.

5. U.S. History

Dates will be given throughout this course necessary to understanding the ever-changing dynamic of American politics. Regardless of knowing the dates for this class, major events have taken place in this country causing major shifts from a political perspective ultimately leading to where we are today. The history can be used in other classes, as this class focusses on the justification for major events and the fallout thereafter. The U.S. is not a perfect country, but this nation has thrived for hundreds of years now and has a rich and diverse history. Unique political events and occurrences throughout the U.S.’s history are fascinating regardless of one’s interests.


The professor who teaches this course is known for being direct as he gives out study guides as to exactly what will be on the exams. Take advantage of this as you can score over a 90 with a solid amount of studying and memorization. This course will establish a great foundation of American history, and how our political system works. Study up, and if you’re interested in politics, take notes on how the system works. Nothing is as it seems.


Skyler De Groot

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