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Religion 110 is an introductory religion class, and meets the requirement for a basic civilization credit. This course is taught by multiple professors and goes over the history and specifics of 4 major religions. These religions can change based on your professor but generally remain constant:

1. Buddhism

Buddhism is the fourth largest religion in the world and is a focal point to this course. There are traditions and stories behind Buddhism that are mainstream, but in this class, you dive into the details and examine stories never heard before. Buddhism is directly compared with Hinduism and other religions that have similar ideologies and or similar components.

2. Hinduism

Hinduism is the fifth largest religion in the world and studied immediately following the Buddhist section as these are two of the most similar religions in the world. Hinduism takes up an entire chapter. You will get an insight into the music and traditions in more depth, and stereotypes are discussed and debunked.

3. Islam

Islam is a hot topic within the U.S. and while this is an introductory class to religion, the issues surrounding this debate are discussed. The true history of Islam and the reasoning behind the Sunni/Shiite split is examined in great depth. Islam is a unique religion, due to its young age and rapid expansion. Demographics and geography is examined in this unit.

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4. Christianity Sects

Christianity is the world’s largest religion (with Islam catching up fast), but there are more sects of Christianity then people know exist. This section examines the general demographics and geography of Christians and then studies the specifics of a couple sects that are either newer or less mainstream. The Pentecostal denomination is studied in the most depth as they are the fastest growing sect of Christianity involving a more interactive religious experience.

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5. Extremist Groups

Hindu and Islam religions are both home to terrorist groups that have existed for decades. While Christianity, Judaism, and Buddhism have all had terrorist organizations claiming their religion as the basis of their cause, they do not have nearly as many in the modern context as Islam and Hinduism. These groups are discussed and analyzed in a contemporary context and again, heated debates and open discussion is encouraged.

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Religion 110 is a great introductory course to broaden your knowledge on specific religions and the exisiting similarities. This class shows you the startling connections that all religions have as well as the unique aspects. This class comes highly recommended to satisfy a civilization credit as it does not have too large of a course load and is extremely interesting!


Skyler De Groot

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