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Introduction to Psychology is not the hardest course, but boy is it a good one. The professors love their job and are extremely interested in the subject matter, and while the concepts are basic, their energy is easy to feed off. With that being said, here’s 10 things you need to know about PSY111.

1. The Essays are all Due Online

The essays assigned in this class are all generally vague and easy to work through. The questions are simple to understand and do not take too long to complete. The professor is lenient, but the more you write the better you do generally.

2. There isn’t too Much Vocabulary

The vocab is limited in this class, but the professors don’t necessarily ask for it. You should incorporate key concepts and vocab on the essays, but these are all take home so you can just look them up.

3. The PowerPoints are all Online

The PowerPoints are all online and the two exams in this class are based solely on the information on the PowerPoints. Study these closely before the exams and make sure to go to the class before the exam so you know what to focus on.

4. There are a lot of Videos & Clips

The classes are filled with a lot of short clips and films. This is an enjoyable experience in terms of being relaxed and not getting too bored in class.

5. There is no Attendance Policy

Psychology is a complicated subject to fully understand. Even if there are no attendance policies for the introductory classes at Elon, attendance is necessary to achieve an A in the class. There are some assignments due in class and there is a participation grade, but it does not account for too much.

6. The Professor loves what he does

The professors that teach psychology are extremely vested in what they do. They are engaging in class and try to incorporate fun activities consistently.

7. Take Your Time on The Essays

The essays are all take home so there is no need to rush. Make sure to use resources such as the libraries writing center and office hours to do the best you can.

8. Use the Books

Even if you’re not reading all the required readings you have to use the books for the essays. It is suggested to read all the books as it makes the concepts easy to understand and the assignments simple to complete.

9. Explain your Answers

There is typically not one right answer so no matter what you put make sure to explain it. Elaborate as much as you can, quality over quantity, but if you are ever not sure about your answer make sure to add to the quantity.

10. You Should Take This Class Early

Often taken as a first or second year student, PSY111 can be a good way to find out which direction you’d like to take in terms of choosing a major, or  if you simply need to fulfill a course requirement.


PSY111 is a great course to take early in your college career. It isn’t that hard and can be enjoyable if you choose. Make sure to expand on your answers and enjoy what you learn. This is a fun class that professors enjoy teaching. Enjoy!





Skyler De Groot

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