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ENG110 is an introductory mandatory course at Elon. This class is recommended to be taken first semester of your first year as it covers a lot of basics in other courses. With some effort and following these tips you should be able to get a good grade!

1.Do the Assignments

The main chunk of your grade comes from weekly assignments. This can come in the form of a blog post or peer reviewing others work. Regardless of what it is, generally it is not too much work. Try to get these out of the way as soon as you can as they are not difficult but they can be tedious and it is important to get a 100 in the assignments section of the class since it is simply a completion grade.

2. Do NOT Procrastinate

On top of the basic assignments that are required and handed out about every week, there are 2-3 major projects due throughout the semester. These are hard deadlines that don’t change, and require a decent amount of time to complete. Doing these projects the day before they’re due is not an option, so make sure to outline what you’re going to do and space out the work.


3.Use Grammarly

Grammar is taken very seriously in this class, and your grade will drop if you make too many mistakes. Using Grammarly is a great source to use to ensure that you do not make too many little mistakes. While this will not catch every mistake, it will certainly catch enough to the point where the grammar aspect of your grade will be fine. Take advantage of free resources like this, and maybe ask a friend to read your major assignments too.


4.Pay Attention In-Class

Everything done in class is used in an assignment and needed for the major projects. It is vital to your success as there are minor details that are often overlooked by students. Be sure to stay focused in class as dazing off for a couple minutes could cost you 10-20 points on an assignment.

5.Be Creative

The major projects in this class account for about 50% of your total grade. The teacher is seeing 25-30 other students generally writing the same thing on the same subject. If you are creative and implement a personal video or a unique design you can stand out and get a better grade. This is great way to stand out as a student generally, and to get high marks on your major assignments.


ENG110 is generally taught by English teachers either starting out at Elon or adjuncts. Be sure to be respectful and put in a decent amount of effort to ensure the best success. Make sure to do all the work and don’t procrastinate! Follow these tips for the best possible success, and good luck!




Skyler De Groot

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