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COR110 is a mandatory class taken at Elon as a first year. This is referred to as ‘The Global Experience’ since it covers a general topic and explores it from a global perspective. In your class, you get one topic out of the first 4 listed below, which creates a unique perspective for all Elon students.

1. Food

Within this Global class, food is explored from a health perspective and then from an international perspective. Pesticides and what goes into fast food is examined. As a result, a lot of people change their eating habits after taking this course. The international perspective refers to examining how different countries handle fast food and how they foster a health conscious culture or the lack thereof.

 2. Drugs

This Global class goes in depth into the drug trades that have occurred historically; including the Silk Road, all the way up to the modern smuggling of marijuana. The international movement of drugs has been around for a while, but most people only know the general areas of where drugs come from and how they’re transported. This course takes a close look as to how drugs specifically move from one country to another, and the results are shocking.

3. Sustainability

This class focuses on being eco-friendly as an individual. Other societies are analyzed in terms of pollution and energy usage. America notably ranks among the highest countries in energy usage and pollution, but you’d be surprised at some of the other countries on the list. With that said, simply producing more energy per person is not the only problem, as companies and businesses produce an enormous amount of energy. Considering, it is quite hard to regulate international politics.

 4. Sports

In this global course, the history of sports are examined. Few sports in the international community were created in America and these tend to be the focus of the course. A large portion of this course is dedicated to the development, implementation, and ongoing events and competition relating to the Olympics. This course is considered one of the more fun courses due to its topic, but don’t be fooled, there is a lot of work!

5. Globalization

This course focuses on the interconnectivity of the world. People first considered ‘globalization’ as an economic term, but it refers to the economy, environment, culture, transportation, politics, and more. America has an enormous influence when it comes to globalization and in this class, you analyze the effects that America has had in the past and what is currently occuring. You get to read 2-3 books that really open your eyes, and it is highly recommended to actually DO the readings.

The Global Experience is not a joke of a class, since there is a decent amount of work and essays due throughout the course. The teachers are randomized and have to teach one global course every 2-4 years depending on their subject matter. Be sure to enjoy the topic or at least pretend to, because your teacher sure will. Hopefully you get a topic you enjoy and get to learn a lot. Good luck!


Skyler De Groot

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