MTH220 is an advanced math class taken by first years who scored high on the math section of the SAT/ACT or as a requirement for second years depending on your major (engineering, ext.). This course requires a deep understanding of SAS, a computer program used throughout the business world. There is a lot of work so be sure to follow these tips to stay on top of everything and do the best you can.

1. Create a Study Group

This class is not easy as the professors tend to be strict graders. By making a study group, homework answers can be cross referenced and you can ensure that you are getting the best possible grades on the assignments outside of class. This is also a great way to study for tests as it is hard to do SAS alone, but as a group, it goes by faster and can be understood much easier.

2. Use the Tutors

This class has multiple tutors as it requires a lot of work outside class, and is often hard to do. Understanding the concept is only step one, but implementing it through a computer program can be extremely difficult as one letter, number, or symbol that’s off can ruin the equation. Tutors are a great resource to ensure you are getting the right answers, and they can really help you understand the material.

3. Understand Don’t Copy

SAS is one of the most difficult programs to understand, especially for non-tech people. All the assignments in this class with the exception of 1-2 are done in groups. Do NOT just copy the answers given by a tutor if you so choose to use one, or by your group mates. You won’t be able to do any of the work on the exams if you do this, so be sure to actually understand the concepts and programming for your own good.

4. Check Your Work

A lot of the assignments are done out of class, and while you are in a group, be sure to check your work. It is ideal for each member of the group to quickly redo a problem that you don’t all agree on, but regardless, at the end of each homework assignment scan through the entire thing to make sure you didn’t make any basic mistakes. Again, it is not the comprehension that gets most students, but rather the computation through SAS.

5. Study, Study, Study

The exams are not easy, and you don’t get any resources to use during the test. This means you have to know exactly what formulas to implement. Referring back to the homework in SAS, if you miss one letter, number, or symbol, the entire problem is ruined. Take advantage of your classmates you are friendly with by meeting up and practicing with one another. The only way to nail the exams is to study, study, and study some more.

MTH 220 is a difficult class… there is no getting around that. Many students drop this course towards the beginning or even middle of the semester. This is all the more reason to be focused and engaged during class, and to use the resources at your disposal. Be sure to follow these tips to ensure the best possible success, and good luck!


Skyler De Groot

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