Elon 101

Elon 101 is a mandatory course taken in your first semester of your first year. You will only meet once a week in this class, but it will show you the ins and outs of Elon. If you don’t know the names of any of the academic buildings or are struggling to pick a major, this will be a productive class. This is not meant to be a challenging class as it is pass/fail, and if you put in a small amount of effort and do the work, you will really enjoy this class.

1. Elon’s Campus

Elon doesn’t have the biggest campus, but there are some names that are reused for athletic and academic buildings or dining and resident halls, so it’s nice to get a breakdown. In this class you go on ‘tours’ of the campus to better understand where all of your classes are, the different resident halls, and dining halls. As much as you may think you know Elon’s campus, this is a good way to solidify some of that knowledge so you don’t get lost on those late night walks back home.

2. Elon History

Elon University’s history is not the most vast history of a college, but there are some cool historic events that have occurred. Within the ‘history’ of Elon you will learn about the speakers that have attended the university as Commencement speakers or simply as guests, and go over/watch many of their speeches. This is a cool concept as you get to see the value that professional people put on Elon, as David Cameron for example visited this past Spring.

3. Self-Discovery

Your personality type may seem obvious to you, but when you take a couple quizzes and participate in a study or two you may be surprised. A lot of students come into college with a plan and end up changing that plan within their first year or two. There is nothing wrong with this, especially at a liberal arts school, and this class helps you explore and better understand where you will end up.

4. 4-Year Plan

Referring back to your self-discovery, you will fill out a 4-year plan that helps map out the classes you will need to take, and make sure your major(s) and minor(s) are doable in a 4-year period. This process allows for students to visually see how many courses are necessary for their major as well as how many classes they need to take more generally to graduate. This may seem like an easy process to do on one’s own, but let’s be honest, no one does, and it is extremely helpful.

5. Friends

Elon 101 encourages the introduction of new people in your life. Some people are naturally outgoing, and for them this is not the biggest problem, but within the class itself you will likely meet some people and get close to a couple. The time you have in this class should be taken advantage of as there is little work, and a lot of time to talk. Don’t be afraid to branch out entering college and remember everyone is just as nervous as you.


Elon 101 is a course that often ‘brings back the memories’ for the older students. There are topics taught in this class that have helped carry students through college, and helpful concepts taught, such as the 4-year plan. Try to meet some people and possibly even network with your professor as these are some of the first faces you will meet at Elon so Enjoy It!


Skyler De Groot

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