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There are 35 programs during the unique J-term offered at Elon. A list will be provided at the end of the article, but it is highly recommended to study abroad during this time as it is a 3-4 week experience rather than an entire semester. Obviously, everyone needs to make the decision to study abroad during a semester or J-term on their own and with their family, but J-term is much cheaper and is the preferred choice by many Elon students. Here are the top 10 places to Study Abroad at Elon during J-term:

10. Miami

While this is still in the U.S. it is a popular destination with three different groups going there and is extremely affordable. You get to go scuba diving and analyze the water and how it has changed over time. This course fulfills a lab credit as you are constantly involved in marine/bio activities, but don’t worry, you still have time to go to clubs and bars too.


9. Ghana

This is an incredible experience as it is one of 3 places to travel in Africa! Here you will travel the country and see how the natives live participating in community service throughout. You will also go on tours, specifically through their tropical hardwood forrest and see the beautiful sites.


8. Austria + Germany + Hungary

One of the multiple country J-term experiences goes through Austria, Germany, and Hungary as you appreciate eastern Europe. On top of embracing the cultures you are at, you will see major sites such as the Brandenburg Gate, art museums in both Austria and Germany, and famous Cathedrals throughout.


7. Vietnam

Many students say that there is culture shock in Vietnam, but it is also one of the most surreal experiences. In Vietnam your trip is centered around Ha Noi, and you go on boat tours along the surrounding rivers including Song Ha and Song Hong. You also visit historic landmarks in Vietnam such as old castles and monuments from the Vietnam war.


6. France

Coming in at #6 there’s France, you can’t really go wrong here. It’s a great culture and extremely modern. In France you are a true tourists in terms of the itinerary as you travel to the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, and Arc de Triomphe. Other major landmarks are visited, and you get to do a lot of shopping, and you’d be surprised if you’re not getting designer clothes, it’s not too expensive.


5. Iceland

Contrary to its name this place is fairly green, and has one of the more unique European cultures.  Your stay in Iceland will be mostly based on experiencing the culture as you go on local tours, as you are always surrounding by a beautiful scenic view. In Iceland you will visit museums such as the National Museum of Iceland, and learn of the history thereof.


4. Spain + Morocco + Greece

At #4 there’s another trip where you go to multiple countries, and here you get to see some incredible sites, especially in Greece. These three nations are known for their beauty as in Spain you will venture through Park Guell, seeing the fountains in Morocco at the Majorelle Garden, and visiting the Parthenon in Greece. You will be free to get your own food in all three of these places, and it is recommended to stick to the local cuisine as you will not be disappointed in Souvlaki.


3. China

If you’re studying abroad why not experience one of the most opposite cultures to us that you can, China is truly an unbelievable experience. This winter program course takes you to Beijing, Chengdu, Lhasa, Lijang, Shanghai, Tengchong, Yunnan, and XiAn. As you can tell you are constantly on the run, but you get to see a wide variety of Chinese culture in the Forbidden City and the mighty Potala Palace. Other major tourist and incredible sites are seen throughout this trip as it comes in at the #3 spot.


2. Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the more popular beach destinations for those who have the time and can afford it, you won’t be disappointed. In Hawaii you visit 4 major islands being Hilo, Honolulu, Kappa, and Kona. Here you get to see the beautiful islands of Hawaii as well as the incredible volcanos and national parks. You will visit Na Pali Coast State Park for example and will see some creatures and beautiful colors you didn’t know existed.


1. Australia

Coming in at #1 is Australia, and while this is the most expensive trip, it is known to be the best as everyone that goes there absolutely loves it. In Australia you stay pretty much exclusively on the East coast visiting Melbourne, Sydney, Cairns, Brisbane, and more. You get to visit the Great Barrier Reef (while it’s still there), go to Cricket Games, hike up Cradle Mountain… This trip really encourages an active lifestyle and does so through canyoning, hiking, surfing, and more!

List of J-term study abroad programs

Iceland, Peru, Australia x 2, Austria + Germany + Hungary, Barbados, China, Miami x 3, Dominican Republic, France, Ghana x 2, Greece, Guatemala, Hawaii, Holocaust Journey, India, Ireland, Malawi, New York City, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain + Morocco + Greece, Spain +Morocco, Sundance Film Festival, Vietnam, Washington DC, WWII in Europe.

In 2018 the J-term classes all filled up with the exception of Iceland and Peru, and this is simply due to the sheer number of programs offered and the lack of students. All the other programs filled up equaling about 900 students travelling abroad this upcoming January. The x 2 or 3 in the list simply means that there are multiple groups going to that country over this J-term and the + means that multiple countries are traveled to in the same trip. These are once in a lifetime experiences and should be taken full advantage of.


Skyler De Groot

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