Elon University has over 250 unique clubs for students to join. Each fall and spring, students run a club fair where they line central campus with tables to describe their clubs and encourage new members to sign up. Here are just 5 of the cool clubs that Elon has to offer!

1. Elonthon

Elonthon is Elon’s annual 24-hour dance marathon. All proceeds benefit the Children’s Miracle Network but more specifically the kids of Duke Children’s Hospital. Elon students form committees to put on this amazing event and raised $280,396.68 just last year. Each year, miracle children from the hospital get to come and participate in the event alongside all of the students. It is very fun, rewarding, and full of great activities to make the 24-hours fly by! Also, it’s not to late to sign up to participate in this year’s event happening in April!

happy dance


2. Cooking Club

Do you love to eat? If you answered yes, then Elon’s cooking club is definitely for you. Elon’s cooking club is good for anyone because it does not require a huge time commitment. There are events scattered throughout the semester, and students can learn about these events by joining the email list. Example events include guacamole making and cookie baking. Eating is often a great stress relief so next time you need a homework break, go to a cooking club event!

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3. Elon Volunteers

Elon Volunteers is a great way to get involved in Alamance County initiatives and learn more about the local community. Elon Volunteers has so many opportunities at different organizations, so it is also a great way to fulfill service hour requirements. You could volunteer at the local animal shelter or even help elementary school kids with vocabulary words and after-school tutoring. Elon Volunteers is a very rewarding experience so it is definitely recommended that you get involved!

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4. Elon Outdoors

Elon Outdoors is a club that offers field trips in the local community but also throughout the state of North Carolina. Hiking, ice skating, and rafting are just three examples of activities that are offered as a part of Elon Outdoors. Elon Outdoors also sponsors weekly smores bonfires outside of the gym. Elon Outdoors will also give you a great reason to take amazing pictures of your trips, spend more time with your friends, or even meet new people, so sign up for the next trip now!


5. I Am That Girl

I Am That Girl is a large group of fun and friendly girls who offer a safe and welcoming environment to share your experiences and opinions. There is a new topic of discussion every week to promote self-confidence and help with all aspects of college life including social and academic activities. This club is a great option for girls of all years and it really helps with connecting to other girls on a deeper, meaningful level.


Overall, Elon University is an amazing school with many opportunities to get involved on campus. Whether you hold a leadership position in the club or are just a general member, your college experience will definitely be enhanced if you join clubs that interest you. The spring club fair is coming up so definitely take some time to explore your options!







Abby Shutzberg

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