There are two ways to approach this. The most popular majors versus the most prestigious. Both will be taken into account, but be focusing on the prestigious aspect more than the popularity for the case of this blog. All majors at Elon have improved in their value over the last 5-10 years, but these 5 stand out as the best. With that being said here are the top 5 majors at Elon University:

5. Health and Physical Education

This major makes the cut as its popularity is too notable to ignore. Much of this is due to members of sports team taking this as a major, but the program is highly recognized. There is nothing wrong with striving to be a gym teacher, in all seriousness depending on where you live you can make 6 figures if you stick with it. This starts off this list with Health and Phys-Ed at #5.


4. Acting

Acting is not a common major, you actually have to be recruited to Elon to be in the acting program (and it’s limited). The program consistently puts on shows that sell out and get great reviews. The reason for Acting making this list is the prestige of the program and the amount of Elon students that go on to have successful acting careers whether it be television or Broadway (which is the more common route). Acting comes in at #4 seeing great success over time and continues to be a highlight of Elon University.


3. Psychology

While this major does not have the same appeal that others do with reference to money, at Elon psychology is one of the most popular majors. Along with the popularity comes to level of schooling as the psychology department has climbed into the rankings recently and receives incredible reviews by the students. While psychology is not as mainstream as other majors, it is necessary to develop young people to be able to psycho analyze the future of our kids as there are many mental issues arising these days never seen before.


2. Business

With marketing, sales, and economics leading the way the business school comes in at #2 with a lot of recent success. There are actually more business majors than there are communications, but based on the pure perception and accolades business is forced into the 2 spot. With that said, Elon’s business school has consistently risen in the rankings and is now amongst the top 50 in the nation as students come out earning high salaries and similar to communications, not finding it too hard to work.


1. Communications

Elon has consistently been marked as one of the top Communications schools in the country, even hitting the #2 mark in recent years. It is important to note that Communications is a large category as it includes Journalism, Strategic Communications, Cinema & Television Arts, Communication Design, and Media Analytics. All of these programs are believed to have some of the best professors and the students seem to come out of Elon able to find work with ease. This puts Communications at #1 on this list.


There are plenty of majors at Elon as it is a liberal arts school. Because of the nature of the school you will be forced to take many introductory classes regardless of what you choose. That being said the statistics don’t lie, and the average earnings for business and communications should be taken into account when choosing a major if money is a top priority. Hopefully this list helps settle some debates or even help you decide what major to choose!


Skyler De Groot

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