Creative writing

If you like to write, you should definitely enroll in a Creative Writing class at Emory. With a great department faculty and passionate students, you are sure to take away something valuable from the class and improve your skill.


1. Show up to every class

Not only is participation a huge part of your grade as the seminars are offered only once a week, but it will show the professor that you are eager to learn and a serious student. Furthermore, specific writing techniques are taught every class and you will be expected to include them in your future writing assignments.  Make sure you’re fully caffeinated as the seminars tend to be 3 hours long!

2. Discuss your writing with your professor outside of class

They will definitely be able to help you formulate new ideas to develop your writing and make sure you are on the right track. They will regularly give you advice from their personal experiences and notice your drive to succeed. This will help you form a relationship with them and show them that you take your writing seriously and value their insight.


3. Listen to your peers comments during workshopping

Your classmates are there to help you develop a reader response. Hearing their constructive criticism and words of encouragement will help you understand how to revise your piece for your given audience. They will often help you understand what works and what doesn’t and give you ideas of other things to incorporate in your writing.


4. Take every prompt seriously and be open-minded

The in-class writing prompts are super fun and creative. For example, your teacher might put on a piece of audio and have you listen to it and write what emotions it bring out in you, or maybe they will hand out two random quotes of famous people to include somewhere into your short story. Even though they might sound weird, you never know which prompt will truly work for you so give them your all!


5. Do all the work to the best of your ability

It’s hard to grade creative work, so make sure to incorporate as many writing elements and techniques discussed in class as possible. It’s important to show your professor that you are attentive and hardworking.


6. Enjoy the process of honing your craft

It’s important to enjoy the process of writing to truly let your own voice shine through. The hardest part always is starting your piece, once you begin it will be easier to be immersed in your writing. Even when it’s a challenge, remember that all the work you put in will advance your technique and help you grow into a stronger writer.


No matter how you wrote before, your writing is sure to improve after one of these classes. Hopefully these tips help you realize that there are many steps you can do to ensure a good grade and succeed in a Creative Writing class!


Tamar Sidi

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