Fashion Institute of Technology is largely a commuter school, whether the commute be from off-campus housing in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, the Bronx, occasionally even New Jersey, or more often than not, Long Island. Commuting to FIT from Long Island can be both a blessing and a curse…


1. Long Island Railroad is pretty nice

LIRR Trains are pretty clean, the seats are comfortable and pretty roomy, there are bathrooms every other car, and if you snag the last seat by the doors, you can even get an outlet. The trains are pretty nice which makes for a decent commute.


2. FIT is less than a 10-minute walk from Penn Station…you can even get it down to 6 minutes if you’re running for a train.

…and you can even get it down to 6 minutes if you’re running for a train. Probably the easiest commute there is to a school in the city. Walk up the 7th Ave. stairs in Penn Station and you’re less than 10 minutes away from FIT. No subways or busses to worry about in addition to your LIRR commute!

giphy-53. You always know what time your train will be

…and you never have to play the waiting game that IS the MTA Subway. LIRR timetables are consistent and you know when YOUR trains are. Within the first two weeks of your semester, you’ll have your commute down to a science.

giphy-24. Done with the hustle and bustle of the city? You’re only a train ride away you’re your beautiful home on Long Island

Going to school in Manhattan can get tiring. Everyone thinks they want to live in the city until they start spending a lot of time there and start to get a little sick of it. This, we call The Long Island Appreciation Effect; yearning for Long Island after a day in the city. There’s nothing like leaving the bustling city and returning home.


5. Designated time to get some work done

If you’re determined enough, you can make your commute a time to get schoolwork accomplished. Put your headphones in and write that paper you’ve been procrastinating. What else would you be doing for that commute? Snapchatting until your phone dies?


6. You get to live a double life: Long Islander and Manhattan Yuppie

Long Island is my home. I eat bagels and drink iced coffee every day. I’m surrounded by beaches always…Ocean Parkway is literally my second home. East 27…What do you mean you’ve never been to Montauk?!

~but also~

I go to school in Manhattan. If you’re a slow walker I will literally run you over. I know Penn Station like the back of my hand. If I’m wearing headphones don’t even look at me. That car has a green light and is driving 40mph in my direction? Perfect time for me to cross the street. RANGERTOWN BABY, MSG BABY, K N I C K S TAPEEE BABYYYY.


7. You can keep your job at home and make extra cash

You don’t have to sacrifice your job at home! Make some extra money while everyone else is spending theirs.

giphy-48. Compact the number of days you have class and travel less

Especially at FIT since classes are once a week, you can combine your classes into 2-4 days a week and get some extra downtime. That’ll save you both some time and money in commuting.

2009. Save money on meals and get to see your pets!

Everyone’s least favorite part of leaving for college is having to leave their pets and having limited options as far as meals go. Commute to FIT and you’ll get to see your lovely pets every day and you can eat home cooked meals and bring some with you and save some cash.



1. LIRR can get expensive

If money is tight for you, those Peak trains can get real pricey. For example, $13.50 for a one-way peak ticket to Syosset. That’s like…more than a Chipotle bowl.


2. LIRR doesn’t always run exactly on schedule

Taking a train that cuts it close to when your class starts? Expect it to be late. Because it probably will be. Rule of thumb: expect your train to be late at the most inconvenient times. <3


3. Rangers Game? Islanders Game? Knicks Game? Madison Square Garden Concerts?

Depending on the time of your commute, trains can get really packed and really loud…really quick. Avoid those night classes if you can because the last thing you’re going to want at the end of your day is to be stuck on a train packed with drunk Rangers fans after a big Win. Rangertown babyyyy…but not so much at the end of a long day when you’re pooped and just want a quiet train ride home.


4. You definitely can’t nap in-between classes like everyone else

Going to class is kind of a whole event when you have to commute. Don’t stack up 4 classes in one day if you know you’re going to need a nap after two of them. Lounges will become your friend, but nobody likes that person that knocks out on the couch.

tenor-25. Your commute can be longer than 2 hours depending on where you’re coming from

Depending on how far east you are, your commute can easily be over an hour. Prepare yourself for that hour…do some work, take a power nap, update your agenda and keep organized and make plans…do something so you don’t feel like you’re just wasting an entire hour of your day.

U5drQXyPHXtsCiiQh4QWSg3vWNvcWuD6. A 9 AM lecture can mean waking up at 7 AM

Oh yes, the classic “I have a 9 AM class but I’m out of my house by 7 AM.” Aforementioned: commuting can be an entire event. If your train is an hour you need to allot time for that and also time to get to and park at your station and also make your way to class. Don’t take 8 AM or 9 AM classes if you don’t think you can be up early enough – just save yourself the stress.

giphy-17. Group project meeting on a day you don’t have class? It can be quite the hassle

For everyone else living in Manhattan, meeting up to work on a group project or getting to a club meeting on a day/time they don’t have class is easy, but when you commute it can mean an entire trip into the city just for one thing. There’s really no solution to this, it’s just the way it is…bummer.

tenor-38. LIRR Schedule doesn’t always work out well with your personal schedule

Try to plan your classes around your train schedule if it’s possible. Taking a 2-5 class will be a breeze because by the time you get out, it’s Peak hours and there’s trains running left and right. The midday train schedule can cause you to have to wait around for the next departure which can be super frustrating when you just missed the earlier train and have to wait 45 minutes for the next one.


Commuting to FIT from Long Island is certainty not for everyone, but if you like your job back at home and the more relaxed Long Island lifestyle, and like…your dog, then commuting might be the move for you. Hey, if you do commute, there will never be a dull moment. The people of the LIRR never fail to make you feel some type of way.


Angela Fazzalari

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