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FIT is great and all, but let’s not forget about our liberal arts requirements which include an art history course for virtually every major *cries*. With that being said, try to love yourself and take the painless route – HA112 Online with Dr. Beth Harris. You won’t regret it. Here’s why…

1. Sitting in a 3-hour lecture about art history is not fun

Lectures can be rough in general, but a 3-hour lecture about art history is probably as painful as it can get, especially if you are not the history type. Since an art history course is a liberal arts requirement for most majors at FIT, you may as well try to make it as enjoyable as possible… and Renaissance-Modern Art History (HA112) Online with Dr. Beth Harris is exactly that.


2. The only assignments are weekly discussions, a midterm paper and a final paper

Like all online classes, there are weekly discussion topics in which students are required to post about on a discussion board on Blackboard – this is comparable to an in-class discussion… but they’re almost better because you really have time to think about your responses and reflect on the material. The only other two assignments throughout the whole course are a midterm paper and a final paper. They’re both open notebook and you have an entire week or more to work on them. As long as you take notes on the materials you studied each week, the papers are a breeze.


3. There’s no textbook

No textbook. All of the coursework is presented in short videos and articles. Probably the best part of this class is the way the material is presented each week. Dr. Harris has all of the coursework already uploaded (which means that if you have the motivation to, you can get as far ahead in the work as you want) and they are all short videos or articles. Best part about the videos? They are voice-over videos of Dr. Harris discussing the artwork as she is – more often than not – actually standing in front of the pieces she is discussing in Italy. This really makes it feel like an in-class experience – here’s a video for example.


4. Your key to success: taking notes

Since the weekly assignments are just discussions that aren’t always directly in line with what topics you were studying that week, the best way to keep yourself on track is to take notes. Dr. Harris provides students with a lot of material but taking notes is the key to success. Make life easier for yourself – when you’re going to write those midterm and final papers and all you have to do is copy over your notes for 75% of it, you will thank yourself.


Major key alert: take this class if you love yourself. You cannot escape the art history requirement. You will take on more responsibility for an online class but at least you won’t be suffering for 3 hours each week in a lecture.

~Choose your battles~


Angela Fazzalari

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