Every new incoming college student goes through the whole choosing process, to see which school suits them the best. Location is probably one of the most important aspects to look at when it comes to deciding on what school you want to go to. There are many factors that give the Fashion Institute of Technology the uniqueness that it has compared to other schools such as location, programs, the student body, great opportunities and a chance to make money as a student. These factors may come across as good ones, or bad ones, but then again, every college in the U.S  isn’t exactly for every incoming college student.


1. Location

The location of FIT is extremely unique and not like many other schools. It is located on 27th St & 7th Ave in New York City. For those of you that aren’t familiar with city streets, FIT is located right in the middle of Manhattan, just a few city blocks away from Time Square and even closer to Penn Station. This is a major deciding factor to most incoming college students because City living just isn’t for everyone. The loud noises, the energetic people, the subways and the crowded streets may come off as a little intimidating and is something that students usually shy away from. For those who do like the city and wouldn’t mind, FIT is a great school for you and in some opinions, there isn’t a school in New York City with a better location than FIT.


2. Programs

Being an aspiring fashion student, it may be tough to find a school that has what you need because most schools in the U.S aren’t exactly “fashion” school. But look no further because FIT has a whole range of fashion programs to indulge in such as Accessories Design, Textiles, Interior design and many more! FIT offers programs that are nothing shy of beneficial for their students. They offer the exact programs that employers are looking for in a potential employee, which makes graduating and finding a job that much easier.


3. Student Body

The Student Body at FIT as a whole, is mainly made up of women, with a very small percentage of men. Since it is a fashion school, many of the students definitely worry about wardrobe and it is extremely easy to walk outside and become inspired by what another student is wearing, or how they look, because yet again, this is a school of fashion. Having a wide array of students at the school is definitely a positive aspect. Students dress how they want which is not only what they love doing, but fashion is the industry they all want to work in so it is extremely common to meet other students who inspire you or who even have the same style as you, which may benefit both parties.


4. Opportunities

Some say the city is where dreams come true, and for some, they really do. Going to school in the city is something like no other. The opportunities to grow as a person and make a name for yourself is extremely likely when you push yourself in a such business enriched environment. Fashion is one of the top subjects in the world right now, fashion is something that will always be a hot topic. As times change, so do styles and fashion. Going to a fashion school in New York City, is an excellent idea if you are looking to get into that part of business. Considering the city is flooding with clothing stores, companies, and head quarters, the opportunities are basically knocking at your dorm room door, so go out there and chase after those opportunities and achieve them!


5. Student Jobs

Going to school at the Fashion school and being surrounded by so many stores (being in the heart of manhattan, there are quite a few), there are many opportunities to go out and apply for jobs. Many stores around the area aren’t exactly anything serious such as major companies or headquarters, which makes it really easy for college students to apply to and potentially start making a paycheck. There are many clothing stores, restaurants and other retailers out there that are willing to hire!


The Fashion Institute of Technology may not be for every incoming student, but for the student who do have that desire to make it somewhere in the fashion world, the fashion school is definitely something to look into. It is one of the best fashion schools in the entire country that offers an undergraduate experience like no other!


Kyle Kearney

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