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Tips for choosing the Best Fit College

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Gina Emricko
There are so many available colleges around the world. How do you pick just one? There are a lot of factors you have to consider when looking at a college. You have to pick which college best fits you.


If you are a person who does not want to stray too far from home then that narrows down quite a few colleges for you. Depending on where you live you may be able to commute to one if you still want to stay at home. Other colleges can be a little farther but you can still visit home on the weekends. If you want to get out of the state you are in and from everything you have known, then you will have harder options. You should try to narrow it down to a few states or cities where you think you would want to live at, then go from there.


If you are undecided then picking a college may not be as hard. You want to choose a school that has a good graduate rating. The school you choose should have a good field of whatever you are choosing to study. You should also look into how many students get jobs after they graduate. You can get into contact with the advisor or office of your study and ask them any questions you have. You should look into how many students go to this school to see how big your class sizes are and choose what you like best. My university has 15,00 students but some of my classes have about 20 students in it. This is why you should always do your research.


I highly recommend visiting the campus before you decide on a school. You are not going to have a good time if you absolutely hate the campus. For me, I got lucky deciding on a college the last minute. I did not really know much about the campus and had never visited. I actually am in love with my campus and love going here. I was lucky though. I did visit one college and I am so happy I did. The campus and everything looked so beautiful online and in pictures. When I went to visit though, I absolutely hated it. If you choose to go to a big school, expect to walk far to some of your classes. If you go to a small school, you should not have to go very far.


You should always look into the financial aspects of the school you are looking into. If you cannot afford an expensive college, go to community college for a few years and save up for something better. There are many grants and scholarships you can apply for. I would apply for as many as possible because college is very expensive. Most high schools will help you out with applying for scholarships you qualify for. Always do the scholarships with the essays first. Those are the ones that most people are not going to want to do because there are so many that do not require an essay. You have a better chance of winning a scholarship with an essay than one without. Some Universities offer scholarships for having good GPAs and SAT scores in high school. Those also help very much. If you have to take out loans, be careful and make sure you can pay it off in the future. If you go to a school and you end up hating it, do not stress. There is always time to transfer and find something better. Make sure you will actually like this second school first so you do not have to transfer again. Do not choose a college just because your friends or significant other chooses to go there. You have to think about yourself and what is best for your future.


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