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OneClass vs. Socratic: Comparing Homework Help

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13 Jun 2019
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It’s easier than ever to find massive amounts of information to help you answer your homework questions. However, the best education app is one that helps you avoid the time drain of endless searching by giving you accurate, on-demand academic help.

OneClass and Socratic are two leading providers of homework help solutions.

On each platform, you can enter a homework question that you’re struggling with and receive a solution back. Despite these basic similarities, the platforms are very different. Learn more about what makes OneClass’ Homework Help different from Socratic’s app.

OneClass vs. Socratic: Asking a Homework Question

It all starts with a question, and both OneClass and Socratic make it easy to ask them.

Simply snap a photo of the homework question that you need help with. The recognition technology embedded in both platforms can translate your photo into a question. It's that easy!

While this method works in most cases, it’s not always convenient for all students. That’s why OneClass takes it a step farther. The platform also lets you ask your question via typing or with its interactive formula builder for math and science questions. Your schoolwork is hard enough, so it shouldn't be difficult to get help.

OneClass vs. Socratic: Learning Platforms

OneClass and Socratic may both be online learning communities, but their approaches are vastly different.

In fact, Socratic has undergone major changes this past year. In 2018, Socratic shut down its community Q&A website, changing it to a read-only version. As one user put it, “A read-only learning site is a dead site.”

Socratic’s change shifted the platform away from a learning community to a digital interaction one where it’s the app powering your answers instead of a fellow student powering them.

Format matters, and moving to “app only” was a decision by Socratic to avoid the comprehensiveness of textbooks, and instead, opt for brevity. The problem is that short answers rarely provide enough value for the in-depth learning that makes a difference in your education.

Going app only also limits access to mobile devices. A student who’s studying won’t have the option to avoid his or her phone to prevent distraction.

On the other hand, OneClass’ Homework Help is multiplatform. Use the web portal with a mobile device or with a computer.

OneClass vs. Socratic: Homework Answers

The major difference between OneClass’ Homework Help and Socratic’s app is how the answers are delivered.

With OneClass, subject matter experts are available around the clock to provide 24/7 on-demand answers. They're typically graduate students who have extensive subject matter experience, just like your class’ TA. Plus, the 24-hour guarantee ensures that you’ll get a quick solution, and often questions are answered in under 12 hours.

With OneClass, there’s also a feedback loop where students rate their tutor, which helps keep the platform’s standards high. Additionally, all solutions have a satisfaction guarantee, so if you’re not happy, it’s free.

On the other hand, Socratic isn’t powered by people in the same way as OneClass. Socratic uses artificial intelligence to match your question with one of its internal solutions or with a solution it finds elsewhere online. The advantage of using the AI-powered app is that it’s free, and it’s fast. However, tech-powered interactions aren’t always accurate, as we’ve seen in notorious Alexa fails or the accident rate of self-driving cars.

Learning is human behavior, and at this point, humans are still the most helpful way to get homework answers.

The difference between Socratic and OneClass’ Homework Help may feel similar to something you’ve already experienced. When you call your college’s registrar, consider the frustration you feel when trying to navigate the automated phone prompts. Then, compare that to the corresponding relief of finally connecting with a person who can help answer your questions.

OneClass vs. Socratic: FAQ

Find out what the user experience is like on Socratic and OneClass’ Homework Help.

How good are Socratic’s answers?

The Verge reported that Socratic’s ability to answer questions was about 50/50. The reviewer said, “On about half the middle school science problems I tried, the app was able to identify the topic and question and show me additional resources about the concepts involved, but for others, it was no more powerful than a simple web search.”

Is it easy to ask a question on Socratic?

An Android Police reviewer who tried Socratic said, “I only tried it out with basic questions, as I found it choked a bit when there was a large quantity of text on the screen. It was hit and miss with math.” The reviewer wasn’t sure what the root cause of the problem was, but the result was clear: “with anything of even mild difficulty, it seems to just give up.”

OneClass vs. Socratic: Conclusion

Even though OneClass’ Homework Help and Socratic’s app perform similar functions, they yield very different results.

OneClass is people driven, and homework solutions are provided by expert tutors who are typically graduate students. OneClass is also multiplatform and accepts multiple input types.

On the other hand, Socratic is powered by AI, which means it's limited by algorithms instead of human intelligence. The Verge said that it was only able to answer middle school science problems about 50 percent of the time.

Learn more about how OneClass’ online tools have helped millions of students get better grades.

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