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Unblur Course Hero: What You Need to Know

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14 Jun 2019
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Sometimes, the materials you need for college classes are just out of reach. Even though platforms such as Course Hero may have the documents on their site, you could face content blurs, lock-outs, and limitations that prevent you from seeing the full images.

If you're wondering how to unblur Course Hero documents or get Course Hero unlocks, here's everything you need to know.

Would You Like to See a Full Document?

On Course Hero, you get three document previews per month. These previews can give you a taste of what materials are available on the platform, and they're only partially blurred. Thus, you'll have access to some of the information within the document. However, after three views, you'll be locked out until the counter resets.

Another approach is to seek out a free trial to get unlimited access. It won't be a long-term solution, but it could be just enough to get through a crunch period such as final exams.

At the time of this writing, we were unable to find a Course Hero free trial program. However, a OneClass free trial gives students instant access to its entire database of course materials for your school. This includes study guides, lecture notes, and textbook notes!

The best part about a free trial is that you won't pay a penny to see full documents.

The introductory period lasts a full week, but if you use your referral link to get two friends to sign up, the free trial lasts even longer. Ultimately, you don't need to know how to unblur Course Hero documents because there are better ways to get the help you need.

Why You Might Want to Pay for Access

We get it; free stuff is better than paying for things. However, there's some truth to the saying that "you get what you pay for."

After a OneClass free trial, you might see the value that the platform provides and its mission-focused commitment to quality. In fact, limiting access is actually how OneClass is able to provide a strong online platform.

On OneClass, students can earn cash by taking notes and uploading them. When note-taking is a student's job, he or she take responsibilities more seriously and therefore uploads higher quality materials. Course Hero note-takers don't earn cash.

For comparison, consider how trying to watch a free movie on YouTube often means you'll encounter poor quality video. With the alternative of a Netflix subscription, you get unlimited access to high-quality movies and shows. This same principle holds true for class notes.

OneClass note-takers are working hard at their job to provide high-quality content. Your OneClass subscription gives you fast and easy access to their hard work.

Upload Notes for Unlocks

Even when faced with valuable learning resources, you may still hesitate to subscribe if you're facing major student debt.

That's why OneClass also gives you options to earn free unlocks. Uploading documents, making referrals, and earning badges all give you site currency that you can use to download full documents from OneClass.

Becoming a OneClass Note Taker is nearly like having a free account! For another approach, try OneClass' 24/7 Homework Help for on-demand academic solutions. Your first question is free!

Use a OneClass Coupon Code

A subscription to OneClass may be a better choice than a Course Hero account.

When we compared OneClass to Course Hero, we found that even though the subscription costs were about equal, the value between the two platforms is much different. OneClass users say that their subscription makes a big impact on their grades. In fact, more than 90 percent of OneClass subscribers have improved by one letter grade.

Now, you can subscribe to OneClass for less by using the coupon code 10OFF to get 10 percent off any plan.

OneClass is on a mission to make education faster and easier. Find out how we've helped millions of students get better grades.

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