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OneClass vs. Brainly: Comparing Homework Help

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2 Jul 2019
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The ability to share information online can make it seem as if you're only one app away from a good grade on your homework assignment. However, the app you use could negatively impact your grades. In other words, trusting the wrong app could make your grades worse than if you were studying on your own.

Academic solutions are only helpful when they're accurate!

While OneClass' Homework Help and Brainly both offer a way to get online academic help, each platform takes a vastly different approach. Learn how OneClass' Homework Help compares to Brainly so that you can choose the platform that can be the biggest help.

OneClass vs. Brainly: The Basics of Homework Help

The basics of getting homework are the same on OneClass and Brainly: ask a homework question, and get an answer. However, a few key differences exist.

The first difference is the grade levels of each platform. Most of Brainly's users are young, enrolled in grades K-12. On the other hand, OneClass' Homework Help supports both high school and college students.

The second major difference is that when you ask a question on Brainly, it's answered by another student. The platform uses a point system where students earn points by answering questions, which they can spend to ask questions of their own.

When you ask a question on OneClass, it's answered by a subject matter expert who's been vetted for his or her knowledge and ability to share explanations clearly.

OneClass vs. Brainly: Quality of Your Solutions 

There's a joke among some business workers: "Answers are free, but correct answers cost $1." When it comes to online academic help, this joke may turn out to be true.

On Brainly, nearly all academic questions are answered by students. When working peer to peer, there's potential for inaccuracies. The problem is that trusting incorrect answers could lead to poor grades on homework assignments and a misunderstanding of the subject matter.

Sifted explains that on Brainly, "Not everyone is happy with the service, with complaints online about the quality of the answers given by the community."

In some cases, these inaccuracies can be a simple case of the answer being given by a student who doesn't understand the material. In other cases, inaccuracies can stem from students trying to game the system. One user explained that on Brainly, answers could be "random guesses by people trying to get points."

On Brainly, student moderators are chosen to help manage answer quality. However, based upon the current numbers, there's about one moderator per 75,000 users. That's a far cry from one-on-one help from an expert.

On the other hand, OneClass' Homework Help provides solutions from certified experts, with no exceptions.

Students using OneClass have the security of knowing that their solution is provided by someone with in-depth subject knowledge. There's even a feedback loop, letting students rate their tutors so that OneClass can ensure that the quality of all solutions remains high.

Additionally, all OneClass solutions are guaranteed. If you're not happy with the answer, the question is free.

OneClass vs. Brainly: Cost and Plans

It's possible to use Brainly as a free user, using only site currency to spend points when you ask a question and earn points when you answer one. Some variables exist in the point system, however. Asking a question has a variable cost, as does answering a question.

There's also the option to purchase a Brainly Plus subscription, which enables prioritized answering and removes ads from the site. A monthly subscription can cost $60 over the course of a year.

On the other hand, OneClass is a flat rate. No matter how difficult your homework question, OneClass has your back with a solution for just $1.99.

Moreover, your first question on OneClass is free so that you can find out how Homework Help works and see the quality of the detailed solutions provided by experts.

Additionally, the OneClass platform offers other ways to help your grades. With collaboration platforms that are local to your school and your classes, OneClass Note Takers are paid to upload class notes and study guides, which are then available to OneClass subscribers. Search for your school to see what academic resources you could be missing.

OneClass vs. Brainly: Free Solutions

Do you want to get started with online homework help? The easiest way to begin is to search previously answered questions on OneClass and Brainly to see if another student had a similar struggle.

With OneClass Homework Help, it's easy to filter, browse, and sort previously answered questions to review existing solutions.

While it's possible to access previously answered questions on Brainly, it may require the drudgery of sitting through a 30-second video advertisement before you're able to see the answer.

If your question isn't available online, remember that your first question on OneClass is free!

OneClass vs. Brainly: Conclusion

While both OneClass and Brainly can help students get answers to their homework questions, the platform differences could determine how accurate your answer is.

On Brainly, students are answering each others' questions. Thus, your homework solutions may include accidental errors. In the worst cases, students could receive junk answers from peers who are trying to game the system by racking up points.

On the other hand, 24/7 Homework Help on OneClass provides answers from subject matter experts. These online tutors have been vetted for their knowledge as well as their ability to provide clear, detailed solutions. When accuracy matters, OneClass' Homework Help gives you access to on-demand expert solutions.

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