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How to Find Unblurred [Free] Course Hero Content on Reddit

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21 Oct 2019
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Is Reddit the best way to unblur Course Hero documents? The online forums tend to be popular with frustrated students who are seeking access to their homework answers. However, the responses to the initial Reddit posts can range from helpful to snarky. 

We’ve previously looked at the many options you have to unblur Course Hero. Now, let’s consider how you can use Reddit to unblur Course Hero. 

Can Reddit Help You Access Course Hero Documents?

Reddit can be a treasure trove of information. Students frequently use the platform to share resources, tips and homework solutions. 

Visiting the Reddit subchannel that’s dedicated to your college is a great place to start your search for homework solutions. You may even connect with classmates who are also trying to access content on Course Hero. 

Notably, each Reddit thread about Course Hero takes a slightly different tone. If you’re going to post asking for help with Course Hero, you may want to prepare for fellow users to respond with a burn. 

For example, one student posted to the subchannel, asking how to unblur Course Hero. A user responded: “I heard that giving them your credit card info works.” Nicely played. So let us rephrase the initial question: How do you unblur Course Hero for free?

Does Course Hero Have a Free Trial?

While there isn’t a typical Course Hero free trial, there is another option that’s similar. Each month, Course Hero offers three free document previews. Using these previews, you can see the information that the document contains. It will still be selectively blurred out. However, using this option for free access to Course Hero can help you to get some of the information you need. 

After three Course Hero previews, you’ll be locked out until next month. Savvy students use these previews strategically, selecting the documents that can most help them with their coursework. 

Is There Another Way to Get Class Documents Without Paying? 

An academic subscription isn’t always in every student’s budget. However, that are other ways students can unlock documents. 

Students are able to earn free unlocks on OneClass as a result of their platform activity. For example, by uploading class notes, you can earn site currency in order to download the documents you need. 

Rather than paying for access to class materials, your ticket to free access could be to use your old class files. There are more than 10 million pages of study documents already posted on OneClass. Discover the class notes, study guides, exam solutions and textbook notes that may be available for your school. 

Is it Worth It to Pay for Platform Access?

Of course, we all prefer free stuff to paying for things. However, when it comes to accessing academic resources, it’s important to put the cost within the context of your education’s value. 

Higher education frequently results in higher earnings. For example, the median earnings difference between high school graduates and college graduates is $24,600 per year. At age 25, college grads could be earning 67 percent more. Over the course of their lifetime, college graduates will earn nearly $1 million more. 

Academic success can therefore yield financial results. With so much on the line, it may be a smart choice to invest in high-quality academic resources while you’re in school. 

However, the quality of the learning tools you use remains critical. When we compared OneClass vs Course Hero, we found that OneClass may have an advantage because it provides incentives for students to upload quality notes and Course Hero doesn’t. In fact, a OneClass Elite Notetaker can earn up to 400 percent more for their uploads. 

With this strong incentive for quality, the whole OneClass community benefits.

Getting Started with OneClass

A OneClass subscription can cost as little as $9.98 per month when you sign up for an annual subscription. Included is unlimited access to premium notes, study guides and the OneClass Homework Help library. 

The academic impact can be significant. More than 90 percent of OneClass users improved by at least one letter grade.

Learn more about how OneClass can give you access to high-quality study materials. 

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