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Top Alternatives to Course Hero

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You may have heard about Course Hero, the educational website that offers study tools, class notes and homework help. However, Course Hero is not your only option for academic help. 

If you’re looking for alternatives to Course Hero, the below list highlights similar websites and key competitors. Discover which learning app can help you get better grades and improve learning. 

What’s the Best Alternative to Course Hero?

There are two great features on Course Hero:

  1. The first is course-specific study resources. This lets you avoid generic online information. For example, you can look for Bio 101 class notes from Rutgers University or English Composition study guides for UCLA.  
  2. Another great feature on Course Hero is 24/7 Homework Help. The online app gives you on-demand access to personalized help from tutors. 

These Course Hero features sound pretty great, but is there another app that’s similar or better?

OneClass is one of the best alternatives to Course Hero. 

OneClass is similar because you’ll get access to the same two Course Hero functions we described above. You can find course-specific study tools that can help you learn more efficiently by focusing on the content that matters to your class. You can also access 24/7 Homework Help to get expert solutions when you need it the most. 

However, there are some important differences between OneClass and Course Hero. 

The first point to consider is the quality of the online documents. Students who upload documents to OneClass have an incentive to share top-quality materials. OneClass Elite Note Takers can earn 400 percent more by producing top-quality study resources. In comparison, Course Hero doesn't offer any quality incentives to note-takers. 

At OneClass, we think high-quality study documents can be more helpful to fellow students. By being willing to pay students more for better quality class notes, all users benefit. 

Secondly, OneClass and Course Hero differ on the potential impact on your grades. OneClass has had an astounding impact on the grades of its users. More than 90 percent have improved by at least one letter grade. On the other hand, Course Hero hasn’t released any information about how the platform has impacted students’ grades. 

Even though Course Hero and OneClass offer similar online tools, OneClass may be a better choice because of its commitment to high-quality study tools and the academic improvement of its users. 

Top Alternatives to Course Hero

  1. OneClass
  2. Chegg
  3. Quizlet
  4. Socratic
  5. Brainly
  6. Photomath
  7. StuDocu
  8. WolframAlpha
  9. StudyBlue
  10. Docsity

10 Alternatives to Course Hero

Here are the basics about the 10 alternatives to Course Hero. Learn about each educational platform to discover which could be right for you.

OneClass has made a big difference for students’ grades, and 90 percent of users have improved by at least one letter grade. 

  • Course-specific class notes: The platform pays students to share high-quality class notes and study guides. Subscribers get unlimited access to documents and can search by school or course. 
  • Expert Homework Help: With 24/7 Homework Help, you get on-demand access to online tutors. There’s even a database of millions of previously answered questions.

Chegg offers several different learning tools and a textbook portal to rent or buy books. Learning tools are generic and are not tailored to your school or class. While generic information can be helpful, it’s more efficient and relevant to rely on resources that come from classmates who are also attending your college. 

Quizlet is a different type of learning app that focuses on a flashcard format. This can be helpful when you’re memorizing a set of information such as language translations.

Socratic is a homework help app. It’s powered by AI rather than real people who are subject matter experts. While this type of educational support may be something to watch, The Verge says it only answered questions about 50 percent of the time, and Android Police commented that the app choked when there were large amounts of text.  

Brainly is a platform for homework help where students can answer each others’ questions. While some students report the app to be helpful, others caution that there have been errors either because other students may not understand the material better than you. In some cases, student users don’t even try to answer questions correctly because they’re trying to game the system and rack up points. 

Photomath is an AI-powered app for math homework. It’s geared toward younger students who are working on simpler assignments. Reviewers at The Guardian and Entrepreneur Magazine found that the app had accuracy problems. 

StuDocu offers a range of study resources. However, your location could affect the relevance of the app. U.S. universities only account for 12 percent of the top 50 most popular schools listed on its website. 

WolframAlpha is a Q&A app that can be a quick fix for getting answers. Unfortunately, you can’t ask a question by snapping a photo, nor does it offer access to learning tools like class notes. 

StudyBlue was recently acquired by Chegg. Its flashcard tools can be helpful when memorizing information, but its homework help tool relies on student-generated content. You may find that answers could be less reliable than a solution from a subject matter expert. 

Docsity could be a helpful alternative to Course Hero if you live in Italy, Spain, Latin America, and Brazil, where the app’s learning resources are focused.

Search for your school on OneClass to find out what resources are available to help you get better grades. 

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