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5 Best Sites to Make Money Doing Homework

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Today’s online tools mean there are more ways than ever for students to make money doing homework. But what are the best sites? 

Check out the five ways students can get paid for doing homework. 

1. Get Paid to Do Your Own Homework

The best way to earn money is to get paid for something you’re already doing. 

You’re already doing your own schoolwork, and OneClass will pay you for it. One UC Davis student told Reader’s Digest that she made $1,500 in less than a year by taking detailed class notes and uploading them to OneClass.

When you become a OneClass Notetaker, it’s like you’re being paid to do your own homework. Simply upload typed or neatly written notes and you’ll start earning. There’s even the opportunity to triple your earnings by qualifying for an Elite Note Taker position. 

Making money may be your primary goal, but many students find that there’s an additional benefit to becoming a note taker. Being a paid notetaker could help your grades. In our most recent survey, 68 percent of OneClass note-takers have seen a significant improvement in their grades – some as much as three grade points! 

2. Get Paid to Help Other Students with Their Homework

Another way to earn money is by helping fellow students with their homework assignments. 

A struggling student may find that class material, textbooks, lecture notes and Google are not enough to help them understand the concepts. This can be especially true when dealing with a STEM subject like math homework. That’s why millions of students are turning to OneClass 24/7 Homework Help to get help with their assignments online whenever they need it.

As a OneClass Online Tutor, you’ll help these struggling students by answering questions online. You'll have access to millions of students all around the world rather than the handful of students who are also attending your school. Online tutors have advanced subject matter knowledge, as in the case of an upperclassman, degree holder or graduate student. 

It’s a great gig for students because you’ll earn $20 per hour or more. Plus, some online tutoring apps require you to work full-time, but OneClass lets you set your own schedule.

3. Get Paid for The Results of Your Homework

By doing your homework, chances are you’ll get better grades. This can have an impact that goes far beyond your cumulative GPA. Your grades will also affect your access to scholarship funding. 

For example, let’s assume that by doing your homework, you’re able to boost your grade point average above a 3.0. After this milestone, a wide set of scholarship opportunities becomes available to you. You may qualify for hundreds or thousands of dollars in new scholarship awards. 

Use’s Scholarships by GPA to see what new scholarships you could qualify for based on your grades. 

4. Get Paid for Essay Writing

As you know, homework assignments in college involve a lot of writing. That’s why several online platforms have been developed to help students with their writing assignments. These writing services are commonly a peer-to-peer approach where you can earn money by providing paper writing help. 

For those who have high-quality writing skills, this can be a great way to make money doing homework online. 

However, your school’s academic standards may apply to your role as a homework helper. A violation of guidelines could put you on academic suspension. In the case of college football, when tutors did assignments for players, the NCAA issued academic sanctions to Mississippi State, Notre Dame, and Mizzou.

5. Pay Yourself When You Achieve Your Homework Goals

With the right app, you can monetize your homework habits. Just as people raise money for each mile they run in a race, you can earn money for each time you do your homework.

This approach is a great way to help you do your homework consistently throughout the semester. With apps like Go F#^ing Do It, there’s money on the line for each goal. If you don’t achieve your homework goals, you lose your money. 

For example, you can commit $10 to the goal of doing your chemistry homework. If you don’t get your assignment done, the cash is donated to charity. 

The great thing about this app is that you can challenge yourself with a goal or someone else can challenge you. Family members or friends can challenge you to weekly homework goals or larger semester-long goals.

Search OneClass to see what study resources are already available for your school. 

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