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6 Reasons to Choose to Study from Home

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20 Feb 2020
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Sometimes there’s a good reason to skip class. We’re not talking about the classic excuses like oversleeping, bad weather or “your dog ate your homework.” Instead, there are legit reasons why you may want to choose to study from home.

Unlike years ago, staying home during your classes doesn’t have to mean getting a lower grade or missing out on valuable lessons. Instead, today’s information-sharing apps can let you know what happened in class, even if you weren’t there. 

For example, the innovative note-sharing platform OneClass pays note-takers to upload their class notes. Within hours or days, you could have detailed accounts of what happened during your class. These shared class notes are a high-quality study tool. You can learn about the topics your processor discussed, important class information, upcoming homework assignments, or what will be on the next exam. 

Studying from home doesn’t necessarily mean you’re slacking off, nor does it mean that you take college less seriously. With access to shared class notes, you’ll have the information you need at your fingertips, without needing to attend class.

Let’s explore six reasons why you might choose to study from home rather than going to class. 

1. Studying From Home Can Help You Stay Healthy

You may be able to avoid getting sick by studying from home. On college campuses, the flu virus can spread rapidly. Students have tight living arrangements and interact with large groups of people in dining halls and lecture classes. 

The more people you interact with, the greater the risk of being exposed to the flu. This also applies to the highly contagious Wuhan Coronavirus.

Unfortunately, the most contagious time for the influenza virus starts 24 hours before symptoms begin. This means your classmates could be spreading the illness without even realizing it. Plus, college students are more likely than other demographics to push through their sickness and attend class even if they’re feeling unwell. 

To survive the flu season in college, one of your best options may be to study from home. This will reduce your exposure risk. Everything from desks to doorknobs are potential germ carriers. Studying from home may be a smart strategy to protect your health. 

2. It’s More Convenient to Study From Home

There is a global trend toward prioritizing remote connectivity. 

Increasingly, it’s become more convenient for higher education students to take online classes or businesspeople to work from home. Even if an online class wasn’t available, you can still study from home when taking an on-campus college class.

Note-sharing apps can let you know what happened in class, even when you’re not there. You may be able to achieve the academic success you want while having the convenience of studying from home.

Not only has home-based work been shown to increase productivity, but it also gives you academic authority. You have the freedom to choose what topics you focus on rather than being forced to go at the pace of the group. 

For international students, studying at home provides another type of convenience. For those who have moderate language skills, there’s the opportunity to take the time to translate words as needed.

3. Studying From Home May Help You Focus

Another important issue to consider is distractions. For many students, finding ways to avoid distractions has a direct impact on grades. 

There’s no denying that it can be difficult to focus in class. Each student may find that they’re triggered in different ways. It could be a fellow student who is loudly snapping their gum, the activity of people walking past an open door, or someone in the room wearing too much cologne. It can even be distracting when another student scrolling their phone is within view.

The net effect of a distracting classroom is that students may attend class and leave not having a clear understanding of the material that was covered. 

In contrast, students who study from home using shared class notes have an opportunity to give their full attention to the information being taught. With the improved focus of studying at home, students may find that their classwork takes less time and their grades improve.

4. Introverts May Prefer to Study From Home

Certain personality types may prefer to study from home. Studying from home may also be a good choice for different personality types. In particular, introverts tend to prefer their own private spaces rather than the socialization of crowds. 

While it can be beneficial for introverts to step outside their comfort zones, cognitive psychologists acknowledge that learning is often most successful when the process is most suited to the student. 

Preferred study location can differ by personality type, and it’s still possible to get a world-class education while avoiding crowds. Introverts may learn better when they’re studying from home, rather than in a classroom. 

5. Environmental Impact of Studying from Home

Staying home from class can help you reduce your carbon footprint. 

You could drive less, which directly reduces your fossil fuel consumption and resulting air pollution. There’s also the issue of parking lots. Paved parking lots contribute to urban heat island effect and stormwater runoff problems. 

As many students seek to make carbon-neutral choices that slow climate change, studying from home can reduce your environmental impact.

When you go green, your grades don’t have to suffer. Online shared class notes can let you know what happened in class, and learning doesn’t have to be done in the classroom. 

6. Studying from Home is Safe

Studying from home is a safe way to learn. Following an on-campus crisis, it can be uncomfortable or frightening to go back to attending classes. However, prioritizing safety doesn’t have to mean your grades suffer. 

When you use shared class notes, you’ll be able to learn from home. It’s no longer necessary to go on campus to find out what material is covered in your classes. Millions of students are using OneClass to achieve academic success. More than 90 percent of users have improved by at least one letter grade. 

Find out what class notes are already available for your school. 

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