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OneClass 3.0

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Francois-Pierre Marcil
19 Nov
5 min read

Released on 19th November 2020

Each and every one of us learns in a different way, at a different pace, using different inputs. While seeking to improve OneClass, and to help students around the world improve their grades, we’ve always been focused on making the experience of each user as customized as possible. With our class notes and study guides, we’ve been providing more options for learning from your classmates. With Homework Help, we started to answer all your tough questions to the best of our abilities. With our Booster Classes, we are going further and truly attempting to provide the best online course tool, so you can learn your way.

Today marks a great day for the team, as we are launching the 3rd major version of OneClass, with the clear mission, of accelerating the transition to personalized education.  


A brand new site navigation

In order to make it easier for you to discover all our different products and services, it had become clear to the team that a major overhaul of the navigation and search capabilities were necessary. While seeing it is believing it, here are a few of the most important improvements:

Easily browse all of what OneClass has to offer. 

Learn more about each product. We created easy to understand descriptions for each of our products. 

Share your content, help the community, earn some credits. We are working actively on making these community contributions more meaningful for our users. We’ll have more to announce in the near future.

Easy to manage account settings

Over the last few years, we’ve heard from many of our customers that they would like to use simplified account settings interfaces. Let’s be honest, we agreed. Today is the day.

Edit your personal profile information in the personal info tab.

Manage your subscription rapidly and easily.

Access your purchase history.

Search all documents in one interface

With over 9 million documents and products in our database, making sure that each can be easily discovered, is a challenge as we like them (crunchy and delicious!). Previously, our search infrastructure only allowed us to specialize in the search experience on a per-product basis.  For example, you could easily search for questions and answers in the homework help section. However, you could not find any class notes from that search.  Today, we are introducing our brand new universal search that will allow a much more direct path to the right documents than ever before.

Here's what you can do with our new search:

Find just what document type you are looking for in the suggestions.

Find what you are looking for in all the document types on our platform.

Filter results by document type by simply clicking on the side menu. Here study guides are selected.

Improved Study Guides

We kept the most exciting update for last. We have begun to release our new comprehensive study guides. And we have incredibly good reasons to call them comprehensive.

Here’s what is included:

  1. All the theory you need before practicing for your exam.
  2. Over 200 new practice questions with full step by step solutions.
  3. 2 full practice exams with the correct answers.
  4. Over 300 pages of goodness. 

With these study guides, you are not giving your exams a chance.
If you want an online version of these study guides, with even more features personalized just for you, please see our Booster Classes

As always we appreciate your comments and suggestions.

Cheers from the team - stay safe & healthy.


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