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Revenue Sharing Program

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Francois-Pierre Marcil
15 Apr 2021
2 min read

At OneClass we believe in the general principle that time has value, that quality-focused efforts should be compensated, and that active participation within any community is what enhances its usefulness for the next participants.

Points to consider:

  • Every user with an account can contribute to OneClass and earn a recurring income if their contributions bring value to the community.

  • You are free to be as creative as you like with your content, as long as you adhere to our guidelines for Academic Integrity.

  • To ensure we reward good creators, we constantly monitor each contribution to make sure it’s in line with our quality standards.

  • Depending on your country of residence, you may be liable to pay taxes on your OneClass earnings.

Ways to make money on OneClass

Answer questions

When you answer a question using our homework help feature, your answer will enter into consideration to receive revenue sharing. The specific event that will generate income for you is when a student using your answer signs up for a OneClass membership to access your content. You may earn up to 20% of the value of the recurring income from that customer on OneClass. We evaluate your exact share of the income, based on several systems that evaluate the expertise, authority and trustworthiness of the answers you provide for our students. 
Upload Documents

When you upload a document, a class note, textbook note or study guide, you can earn 20% of the recurring income for each student that signs up for a OneClass membership because of your document. We review each document before it’s published. Only documents that provide expertise, authority and trustworthiness are accepted to remain in the Revenue Sharing Program. 

We are actively working on providing more opportunities for creators to earn a significant income on OneClass. We will announce each opportunity as it becomes available in the future.

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