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Alexandra Kubrak

For most high school or college students, getting good grades is a pressure to do better, but often a challenge. This past year, students had to study by themselves and normally with very chaotic environments where teachers are a world away, and friends are even harder to get in touch with. Community means a lot more now we’ve all been isolated for the past year. Students want to connect but can’t find a way.

OneClass wants to change this - and make our study life a little bit better.

At OneClass we have contributors who are high school and college students but also full time workers from several countries/places around the world. These are people from all walks of Earth that want to do more than study for themselves. These contributors are smart in many different subjects and enjoy giving back to the community by being a contributor.

Janine, for example, used to be a full time teacher who decided to switch to tutoring across different platforms to be with her kids: 

Doing what I love from home so I can be with my kids is my main motivation but I also do this because I think it shouldn’t be as hard to learn and get help when you are a student”.

For Amina, who is a high school student, establishing her profile at OneClass is a great advantage:
“Being able to show off my accomplishments, contributions and expertise is ideal as I build my professional portfolio”.

Becoming a contributor at OneClass also has personal benefits for those who already stopped being students. We have so many that just enjoy the platform for self-improvement  as one contributor let us know:

“Getting feedback from the users about my answers is interesting. It helps me in my job by making sure I understand and polish on the fundamentals of my area regularly. I read articles and books and I engage in my subject areas of expertise to improve my soft skills, and also showcasing my answers on my profile page lets me see how I am getting better”.

Some of our contributors first found out about us when they were looking for help and after learning what we offer they decided to join our community. With a single OneClass account you can contribute (answer questions and upload documents) and ask questions. The more you engage the more you get back - OneClass created the contributor system so you get more when you give more. The rewards are great: from free months of our platform to giftcards you can spend anywhere!
To learn more about our points and levels system visit this page.

At OneClass we understand that students want to get a human answer, they want somebody to explain and help build confidence in the subject instead of just viewing the final result of a problem. 

You earn commissions when a new user signup on your content, the best way to get more and more commissions is to demonstrate expertise, authority and trust.
You can visit our Contributors Guidelines to improve the quality of your answers and get more views.

You can stick to short simple questions or or take on the challenging ones to prove yourself. But remember: When you contribute to OneClass questions you are helping a struggling student, being recognized while you improve your skills, AND can earn money while doing it.

Remember when a student using your answer signs up for a OneClass membership to access your content, you may earn up to 20% of that subscription price, each time that user pays their fee. That means up to $12 each month, just for answering a question!

Start contributing now to help other students and get benefits, you might become passionate about it!


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