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How is OneClass Different From Other Programs?

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OneClass has improved life for students with its many services. Services like Homework Help, Booster Classes, study guides, class notes, textbook notes, and blogs assist students for better academic performance. Established in 2010, OneClass continues to improve life for students on their education journey through its resources.

Homework Help

On OneClass' Homework Help, students can ask about their homework questions. Other students can provide help if they know how to solve the problem. Additionally, students can provide images on how to solve the question to better illustrate. You can get detailed answers with step-by-step solutions and explanations to help you better understand your homework ad course content. As a result, you can see improvement in homework grades.

Booster Classes

Booster Classes with OneClass are a way to earn transferable college credits with videos, exercises, quizzes, and one-on-one tutoring. You can personalize these courses to match your schedule and your learning type. These classes are taught by world-class instructors who are from well-known institutions such as Harvard University, Columbia University and New York University. The instructors will guide students with the difficult course topics. Classes may meet once or twice a week for approximately 10 weeks. Lastly, for each license sold, OneClass gives one Booster class to a charity organization.

Study Guides

You can find study guides that are specific to the university you attend and the courses you are enrolled in. Study guides have been crafted to help you succeed on your quizzes and exams with the specific content for your tests. The content is customized to the syllabus and schedule of your course. With study guides, you can practice exam content with step-by step solutions.

Class Notes

Top students contribute detailed notes from their courses so students have access to notes that are specific to their university, class, and professor. There are new documents that are uploaded everyday to keep students up to date with their classes. Most importantly, class notes can serve as a resource for students that missed a lecture, or for those that need help identifying and understanding the important content of the course. Lastly, with an unlimited access subscription, you will gain access to over 1.5 million documents.

Textbook Notes

Top students contribute detailed notes from their textbook so students have access to notes that are specific to their university, the class, and the textbook. There are new documents uploaded everyday to keep students up to date with their classes. Most importantly, these notes can act as a resource for students that did not get the chance to read the assigned reading for the class, and for those that need a summary of the reading to understand its content. Lastly, with an unlimited access subscription, you will gain access to over 290 thousand textbook notes.


OneClass blogs have articles on topics such as school clubs, easiest classes, hardest classes, coolest classes, best majors, side hustles, and much more. Many of the blogs are specific to certain colleges and universities, allowing current students or those interested in attending a certain school to have a better picture of what to expect. The blog articles provide information about the college experience in a readily available format that is easy to read and beneficial as you take part in your college journey.

Competitive Pricing

The services offered at OneClass are similar to those offered at competing sites such as Chegg Marketplace and Course Hero. However, OneClass' pricing provides a contrast between the competing services. The prices of these services compare as follows:


Chegg offers Homework Help, Study, Math Solver, and Study Packs. Chegg Study provides access to 32 million Q&As and textbook solutions, guided video explanations. Chegg Math Solver provides access to steps for equations and a graphic calculator. The Chegg Study Pack provides access to Chegg Study, Chegg Math Solver, and Chegg Writing, with added features of practice problems and 20 questions a month.

  • Homework Help - $14.95 per month
  • Chegg Study - $14.95 per month
  • Chegg Math Solver - $9.95 per month
  • Chegg Writing - $9.95 per month
  • Chegg Study Pack - $19.95 per month

Course Hero

Course Hero works a little differently than Chegg. Free membership allows members to receive online tutoring at an a la carte price. Premier membership allows members to unlock 30 documents and questions, textbook solutions, and explanations. The annual payment plan provides access to the premier services and 40 tutor questions. The quarterly payment plan provides the premier services and 20 tutor questions. The monthly payment plan gives access to the premier services and 10 tutor questions.

  • Annual payment - $9.95 per month ($119.40 every year)
  • Quarterly payment - $19.95 per month ($59.85 every 3 months)
  • Monthly - $39.95 per month


OneClass has three plans available for purchase including the Grade+, Class+, and Homework+ plans. The Homework+ plan provides 3.7 million step-by-step answers, 8 verified answers from tutors, unlimited answers from the community, and smart alerts . The Class+ plan provides unlimited class note downloads, unlimited textbook note downloads, and the features of the Homework+ plan. The Grade+ plan provides unlimited study guide downloads, free access to all Booster classes, and the features of the other plans. The costs of the OneClass plans include:

  • Booster Class - $49 for a class or $330 for class with credit
  • Grade+ - $10 per month (billed annually) or $40 billed monthly
  • Class+ - $8 per month (billed annually) or $30 billed monthly
  • Homework+ - $2 per month (billed annually) or $9 billed monthly

In conclusion, OneClass offers a more diverse selection of plans that come at a cheaper cost than Chegg and Course Hero do. The diverse services of OneClass provide students with various resources to be successful in their classes. With Homework Help, Booster classes, class notes, textbook notes, study guides and blogs, OneClass is helping to improve student life.


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