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How Does the OneClass Revenue Sharing Program Work?

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Alexandra Kubrak

With more contributors joining our community and growing a side hustle, one of the most common questions is how does it work?

To answer this question there are a few points to highlight.

The first thing to know is there are two different ways to make money on OneClass:

1. Answering questions
2. Uploading documents 

Let’s break both ways down. 

  1. Answering Questions

When you answer a question using our homework help feature, your answer will enter into consideration to receive revenue sharing. Keep in mind that, unlike other platforms, OneClass does not pay contributors per question answered. We  offer a lifetime revenue that comes from each answer.

In order to get paid, a student that found your answer has to sign up for a OneClass membership to get access to your answer.

When this happens you will earn a percentage of the value of the recurring income from that customer on OneClass. This percentage can be up to 20%

Simply put: you can earn up to 20% of the subscription price each time that user pays their monthly fee. 

That means revenue each month just for answering a question!

The best way to get more and more commissions is to deliver high quality answers, build a bold profile, and demonstrate your expertise and community trust by answering many questions, and promoting them to get more views and likes.

The highest active users get to be featured in the leaderboard!
In the following days everyone will see our top contributors on the home page and there will be several actions to be done in order to gain points and increase your contributor level.

  1. Uploading Documents

When you upload a document you can earn 20% of the recurring income for each student that signs up for OneClass because of your document.

After we review each document to ensure it goes according to our guidelines, your notes get noticed!

Examples of documents that can be uploaded are:

  • College notes even if you are no longer a student! Notes should completely explain a concept or a chapter and handwritten ones should be completely legible.
  • Textbook notes.
  • Study guides.

Examples of documents that cannot be uploaded are:

  • Powerpoint slides.
  • Assignment questions.
  • Textbooks and e-textbooks.
  • Published articles or journals.
  • Essays.
  • Copyrighted material.
  • Duplicate documents.
  • Single page documents with little or no information.
  • One set of notes in separate documents.

While right now you have to upload documents only by your desktop, it’s a great way to build a side hustle while studying!

*Only documents that provide expertise, authority and trustworthiness are accepted to remain in the Revenue Sharing Program.

**Remember that at OneClass we do not tolerate plagiarism. Any contribution (answer or document) will not be published or removed if such practice is found.


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