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OneClass forms exclusive partnership with GAISA

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OneClass has entered into an exclusive partnership with the Global Alliance for International Student Advancement (GAISA), an organization of like-minded individuals and institutions in higher education that is dedicated to building a new model of international student success. Through this partnership, OneClass will be providing real-life internship and work opportunities to international students belonging to GAISA.

Since 2011, it has always been OneClass’ mission to further the advancement of students around the globe by providing them with relevant and timeless resources to help students succeed in the classroom. Through this collaboration with GAISA, OneClass will be able to offer opportunities for students to further develop their skills and knowledge outside the classroom by applying their learning in scenarios with real and meaningful impact.

To kick off the partnership, OneClass will be offering internship opportunities within the fields of education and management:

Education internship opportunities include:

-Data Analytics

-Project Management

-Instructional Management

Management internship opportunities include:

-Brand Management

-Merchandising Consulting

-Marketing & Operations

The initial internships will vary in length between 4 to 6 weeks in duration. OneClass will be inviting subject experts across various fields to lead the students through a variety of rigorous training workshops and projects. Throughout the internship, students will need to use everything they learned to develop recommendations, projections and proposals for OneClass to consider for future implementation. Candidates who perform at an exceptional level will also receive recommendation letters and possible invitations for employment upon graduation.

It is the hope of GAISA and OneClass that through this collaboration, students will now have more access to working opportunities in a wider variety of business segments throughout their academic career and better prepare them for entry into the job market upon graduation.


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