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Although English may seem like an easy subject, the constant reading, writing and rewriting papers can become a bit much and you end up feeling overwhelmed. So here are some tips on how to do with the workload and pass ENC 1101/1102 at Florida Atlantic University.

1. Always Go to Class

Going to your ENC 1101/1102 class is extremely important. Professors oftentimes give little in class assignments that you can’t make up later, and often offer extra in class extra credit.  It’s also important to sit in the front of your class. This allows the professor to get to know you more and you’re more likely to get important information and help, and less likely to be distracted. Attendance is normally worth five percent of your grade, which may not seem like much but could really help at the end of the semester.

keep calm and go to class


2. Attend Office Hours

Attending your professors office hours is a great way to get help, and a better understanding of what he or she looks for in your papers. When you go to office hours try to have an idea of what you want to write about so that the time you do have with your professor is productive and he or she knows exactly what you need help with. It’s also great way to get to know them, which could make them more prone to give me the extra help you need.

office hours


3. Do Readings Before Class

Completing the readings before class, will give you time to think about the topic before class and allow you to take notes on it during class. Doing readings ahead of time also gives you an opportunity to prepare questions for your professor. Readings can sometimes be very lengthy, so starting a few days before would be a great way to get it all read before class.


4. Set Early Deadlines for Yourself

Setting an earlier deadline for yourself, ensures that you won’t be overwhelmed, or faced with the chance of not completing the assignment on time. Finishing a paper before the deadline also give you an opportunity to run it by someone in Florida Atlantic University’s writing center for additional help and pointers before turning it in.



It may seem hard at first but if you put in the work and effort I assure you passing ENC 1101/1102 is going to be one of the easiest things to do in college if you follow these simple tips. Go into each class with a positive attitude and mindset, and be on time. Good luck to you and Go Owls🦉🦉


A'Llasia JaBrielle

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