As the school year progresses it can become impossible to find the perfect place to study. Of course you want the best possible studying conditions to ensure that you get all the knowledge you need to meet your academic goals. Some classes may require more studying than others. However, Florida Atlantic University has some great spots to pick from To get your studying in without any interruption.

1. FAU Football Stadium

Many students love studying in FAU’s Football Stadium. It may be far but it’s worth the walk. The stadium is always open to students, and inside in the second floor is a lounge where students are free to come and study as much as they’d like for as long as they’d like.


2. Florida Atlantic University’s Library

The FAU Library is where most students go to do their “serious studying”. The library has several floors with private cubicals for students to use, and it’s open to FAU students until 2am. The FAU Library also gives students access to private rooms upon request, if they’d like to be completely secluded while studying or host a group study session.

UW library

3. Dormitory Hall Lounges

Each FAU dormitory hall is equipped with a lounge on each floor. Students have 24 hour access to this lounge and can come and go as they please. Most lounges also have a white board and smart T.V. inside, for those students who prefer a more “in-traditional” method of studying.


4. Florida Atlantic University’s Student Union

Most would think that the Student Union is a terrible place to study, due to the constant commotion and activities that take place in the Student Union. However, most students don’t know that on the floor of the Student Union there are several small rooms and tables where students can come to study, and of course it’s open to students as much as possible  during the Student Union hours.

group of student studying together

5. Your Own Personal Dorm Room

This option may not work for everyone, depending upon what your specific living arrangement is. However, there may not be  anywhere more private and secluded to study than your own room. You can set the tone to whatever you’d like. Play music, turn on the T.V., eat, or just have complete silence. And the best part is, you can stay there as long as you need to.


Is important to study under the right conditions. What works for someone else, may not work for you. Everyone study’s differently. However, wether it’s the stadium, Student Union, dorm hall lounge, the library or your own room… you’re guaranteed to find a great spot to study here at FAU.



A'Llasia JaBrielle

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