The most difficult classes in school tend to be related to math, science, and engineering. With over 50% fail rates and lots of stress filled nights, coffee breaks, and tear stained notecards, these classes are no joke. Here are 12 of the hardest classes at FGCU:

1. IDS 3920: Colloquium

This may very well be the most difficult course at FGCU due to the fact, no matter your major, everyone must take it to graduate. If you’re not a fan of outdoors, mud, bugs and critters of all shapes and sizes, this class will be the death of you.

2. ANT 3520C: Forensic Anthropology

If you are going into the crime fighting business, you might as well be a doctor when it comes to this course. You must analyze all the bones in the human body, and determine the sex, age and what trauma occurred. Get your note cards ready!

3. FIN 3414: Financial Management

This class is one we all SHOULD take, but is left to the pros. Learning the effective and efficient ways to management money is an all-important skill. This class takes it to the next level and learns the mechanics behind do this for an entire organization! I bet they are making big bucks doing so.

4. BSC 1011: Biology

As a very common Gen. Ed. Course, this tends to dishearten all freshmen who are not science majors. From cells, to the citric acid cycle, to learning the taxonomic levels of the Kingdom Animilia and Planta, this will test all the want-to-be doctors to see if they have what it takes.

5. PCB: Genetics

Genetics seems scary due to its complexity, I mean, its dealing with inheritance and our DNA! This class is for the determined and who are not afraid of handling bugs all year.

6. PHY 2048C: Physics

Physics can either be Calculus or Algebra based, and oddly enough, people say the algebra one is tougher! Numerous theorems and laws to remember, plus being able to wrap your head around gravity and motion seems like a daunting task.

7. MAC: Calculus

The make it or break it point for a lot of students. Derivatives, Limits, and L’Hospital will haunt you forever. Calculus will have you pulling all-nighters, watching Mean Girls and quoting Lindsay Lohan.

8. MAP 2302: Differential Equations

This class is like a mash up of Physics and Calculus. Relating different variables and trying to work things that seem to have no correlation…what else could send shivers down your spine?

9. BSC 1086C: Anatomy and Physiology

FGCU’s nursing program is one of the top nursing programs in all of Florida. This being said, A&P is designed to weed out the weaklings and only let the strong survive. Be ready to know your organ systems, bones, and hormones from A to Z.

10. EGM 3420C: Engineering Mechanics

As a branch from mother Physics, this class deals with applying mechanics to real-world scenarios. Newton will become your best friend, and so will study hall.

11. ECO 3203: Economics

FGCU has a variety of economic classes: Micro, Macro, Price Theory, and Econometrics. All deal with our unstable and often unpredictable economy…Good Luck.

12. CHM 2210: Chemistry

Finishing the list is Chemistry. From the basics in Gen. Chem to Organic, Analytical, and Physical Chemistry. Trying to understand the tiniest of particles, understanding how they interact and make new molecules…blows our minds. Water for instance, dihydrogen oxide is the real G.O.A.T.


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