The Miami weather is why we all stayed or went to Florida International and with 56,000 students from different cities in the world, we all know the one thing in common we do have: the realization of the surroundings on campus . Here are 15 things you can only understand if you go to FIU:

1. If you step on the seal outside of GC… you know what that means.

2. More people show up to the tailgates than the actually football games.

3. Waiting by the elevators to take someone else’s parking spot.

4. You have to carry an umbrella with you in case a wall of rain storms down on you on your way to class.

5. More than 50% of your classmates commute to school. 

6. You probably haven’t ridden that bus that takes you from FIU to nightclubs and if you have…you definitely only did it once. 

7. Fresh foods…isn’t even fresh. 

8. You try to avoid the people that ask “Do you have a second to talk about LBGTQ rights” without being mean or rude.

9. Un cafecito from Cafe Bustelo or Vicky’s Bakery is what everyone and anyone needs for an 8AM. 

10. Good luck finding a seat at the library after noon. 

11. If everyone is crowding the television in GC, you know something is going down on the news. 

12. You’re always told about FIU’s great resources but probably never used them. 

13. You will always meet people from different places…but more than half are born and raised in Miami. 

14. You don’t know if you should wear a sweater or tank top…shorts or sweat pants… 



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