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FSWSC has a mission to “inspire education” to its students but we all know how difficult college can be. As much as we want to inspire ourselves as well, sometimes all we need are easier classes. Well, worry no more. Here are 10 easy classes that will give you a bit of relief.

1. AMH 2931 – Women in U.S. History

Contrary to what it is today, the status of women before is of unfortunate circumstances. But other than the negative, discussions will include the role of women in the rise of the American society. Social response to this shift in the status of women is also included.

Strong woman photo in black and white

2. ANT 2534 – Race: Biology and Culture

A meaning and reflective class that will examine race in its historical, biological, and cultural aspects. The endpoint of this class is to identify race as not a determining factor in the social classes, education, and other areas of life.

Different races united together

3. CJE 2770 – Crime Scene Photography

Crime scene photography is a lot more complex in nature. Every detail of the scene must be captured for thorough investigation and evidence. Students will be taught the proper techniques when operating the camera in a crime scene up until to the enhancement of photos for a closer look.

Crime scene photographer taking photos of the evidence

4. CRW 2001 – Creative Writing I

An intensive class for fiction writing. Students will get lots of practice projects and homework, and will be utilizing various techniques in building narratives. A 4,000-word minimum requirement per student is needed to pass this class.

An illustration of creative writing

5. DEP 2102 – Child Psychology

A child’s psychological condition may give a glimpse of what he is to be when he grows up. This class strives to understand what are the normal behaviors of a child and what are deemed to be different, even what shapes the behavior of one.

Little girl scratching her head

6. DIG 2205C – Basic Video Editing

Vlogging is quite popular these days and most vloggers do the editing themselves. If you’re thinking about doing both but don’t know where to start, this class will teach you all the know-how’s in editing video materials.

Woman making video edits

7. EDF 3214 – Human Development and Learning

A core preparatory class for future educators, Human Development and Learning studies the varying learning conditions of students that a teacher must cater to. For a more practical approach, students will do field work and have the needed exposure to a real classroom setting.

Visual class discussion in grade school

8. EEC 1603 – Positive Guidance and Behavior Management

We all could use some stronghold support but kids needed it more to build a better foundation for their education and personality. This is targeted at education majors as teachers are also expected to reinforce positivity in their students as a way to teach self-respect and learning.

Woman holding a smiley face sign

9. ENT 3172 – The Special Role of Franchising

There’s only one reason behind franchising: success. Franchising businesses do not only want to earn more but even to share their success. This class study the role of franchising in the global economy, its positives and negatives, etc.

Graphic logo about franchising

10. LIS 2004 – Internet for College Research

This will be a helpful class for all. Discussions will revolve around how the Internet made research convenient for students. Valuable tools for research will be given to the students in order for them to fully develop their critical thinking on various issues.

Woman doing research on her laptop


I hope these classes will ease a bit of the pressure! College is fun even with all the late night cram sessions you have to pull.

Justine Alodia Casuncad

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