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Here at FSU, campaigning for a position on the hall council board is a lot harder than you would initially think. Here are some tips to successfully run for office.

1. Put yourself out there

This school has thousands of students, and even in your dorm building, it is a guarantee that not everyone will know who you are. The election takes place right at the beginning of the fall semester, so many people are new to the dorm (and for the freshmen, new to the school). This can seem intimidating, but the best way to solidify votes is to put yourself out there and simply say hello. If you can introduce yourself to people walking towards the dorm with you, on the elevator, and in the laundry room, when it comes to campaigning many people will already know your name, which will give you the advantage. Simply put, when they see a familiar name, they will choose it.

2.  Make posters with vibrant colors

The posters you make should not look like a two year old drew them, but rather that you took time to make them. The posters that will stick out amongst others are the ones that pop with vibrant colors. Make sure your name stands out and is completely legible, and that it is easy to understand which position you are running for.

3. Promote on Social Media

In this day in age, everyone seems to be glued to social media. If you can send out a tweet, post on Instagram, write a Facebook status, or even post a snapchat story promoting yourself, it is likely that people will see all of your efforts and appreciate it, and in the end cast a vote for you.

4. Collaborate

A great idea would be to collaborate your campaign with someone else who is running for a different position. For example, if you are running for president, you should keep an eye out for someone who is running for Vice President that you feel you could work well with. By combining your campaigns, you are bringing in both your network of friends plus their network of friends to vote for you.

5. Believe in yourself

If you have confidence in yourself, you will shine. No one wants a leader who doesn’t feel confident in what they are doing. They want the person who is in control, and ready for a challenge. You know that you are the best person to get this job done, now go prove it to your fellow residents.



Brianna Coltellino

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