This article is about the things in AMH 2097 (Nationality, Race, and Ethnicity in US History) that may be helpful to know before taking it. It should be noted that some of these things may be specific to the teacher Anna Amundson.

1. It is lecture heavy

This course is a very lecture heavy one. Some don’t consider that to be a bad thing, but some might. It would be best to have a laptop to take notes on during class rather than a pen and paper (unless you’re somehow faster at writing than typing). Anna Amundson does stop every now and then to ask if there are any questions. That’s a great time to catch up on notes or ask about anything you think you missed. Out of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Friday is the only day without a lecture. Friday is dedicated to an open class discussion about the weekly readings.

2. There’s not much homework

The only real homework there is, is to write 250 word responses to 5 weekly readings. The cool thing is you get to pick and choose which readings and prompts to respond to because there will be 10 opportunities to choose from. Keep in mind though that you cannot write more than 5 responses to get extra credit. The cut-off is 5. It won’t seem like much work, but make sure to turn in exactly 5 because they count for 25% of your overall grade.

3. The essay is a big deal

There is an essay you must write towards the end of the semester, and it will be worth 20% of your overall grade. You have to score a 72 or higher on it to pass. If you don’t do well the first time around, you’ll have a small window to improve it and resubmit. However, it is highly recommended to make sure you do your best the first time around.

4. What the course is about

This course focuses on the history of immigration in America. It details the way we treated immigrants and what their lives were like. You’ll notice there is so much violence that has happened and how deeply racism ran. It really gets into the parts of history that people sometimes like to pretend never happened. It is very eye opening and important to know about this aspect of our history.

5. The exams

Overall, there are only 2 exams. However, each one is worth 25% of your overall grade. The first exam is the midterm, the second is the final. Even though you only have to write for 5 of the weekly readings, it is important towards the exams to read and study all 10. They will also heavily be based on a terms list the teacher provides.

Overall, AMH 2097 is a fairly low stress course. You just have to make sure to show up every day for note taking, write 5 discussion responses, and don’t procrastinate on the essay.

Lyndsie Zimmerman

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