If you have to take ENC 2135 like most college students, here are a few things along with some tips to know before you take it. It’s nice to be prepared.

1. You have to tweet

This is something that only applies to the specific teacher Paige Wallace. She requires that you tweet 10 times every week with something related to class. If you’re a twitter fiend who doesn’t want that on your page, you can just make a new one for class. A bonus is that you can retweet 2 tweets by other ENC students that count towards your total 10 tweets for each week. You can also make it more fun by adding gifs in your tweets.


2. Your work will mainly focus of genres

When it comes to this class, no matter the teacher, the main focus is on genres. Not genres as in “comedy” or “drama”, but genres like “poetry” and “novel”.  You will have to write 1-2 papers using three different genres to support your argument. The last project you will have to do, is create three different genres yourself based on your topic for your second paper. A good tip is to think about the kind of genres you would want to do for project 3 while you think of what topic you want to write for project 2. Get creative with it, make it fun.


3. She likes to keep the topics focused on the environment

Paige Wallace in particular likes to keep your papers focused on “the environment”. Some people choose to relate it to the obvious environment regarding nature, and others choose to interpret it a different way, like our social environment, the political environment, etc. The first paper was on ways that your topic makes people aware of the environment. You would then take your topic and pick its subgeneres and use those to explain how it relates to the environment.


4. You have a weekly journal due every Wednesday

No matter which teacher you have for this class, you will have to write a weekly assignment. With Paige Wallace specifically, you will have to write a 500 word “journal” that’s due every Wednesday. They are usually about your feelings or ideas on the current assignments or how you feel class is going. Tip: It’s best to finish them as soon as you can because they’re easy to put off. Maybe put a reminder on your phone because no one else will remind you to do it.


5. It’s a small class

There are many ENC 2135 teachers and it allows each class to be fairly small. The kind of class size you would be in in high school. It’s not a big lecture hall, it’s close quarters. It allows you the chance to have your thoughts heard and have discussions about controversial topics. It also allows you to have time to talk to your teacher if you ever need help. Tip: make sure you always come to class because professors notice when you’re gone often when the class is so small.


ENC 2135 is a required course for almost every student, but don’t worry, it is nothing to stress about. Your teacher will be much more available to help you and listen to your concerns. It’s a breeze as long as you engage in the material.


Lyndsie Zimmerman

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