UF is an amazing college to attend for a variety of reasons. There are many things it has to offer and makes other institutions pale in comparison, including FSU. So, here are 10 reasons why UF is better than FSU!

1. Our football spirit is unbeatable

Going to a football game in the Swamp is an experience that is unlike any other. To see the half time show and sing We Are The Boys of Old Florida are pretty great. Plus, we have better school colors than FSU.

2. We never had Jameis Winston play for us

First off we had Tim Tebow on our football team, which speaks for itself. I guess if you take crab legs from Publix you can play football for FSU, right?

3. Academics

UF ranks as number 14 out of 133 schools for the top public schools, which is way above the ranking FSU got. Not only that, but our retention for graduation is above 95%!

4. Culture and Diversity

UF has a lot of multicultural events and programs on campus. There are events like Hispanic Heritage and Asian Kaleidoscope month that make UF truly unique!

5. The Really Independent Florida Crocodile

This student run newspaper is extremely hilarious and keeps you in the loop about events happening in and around campus. I definitely don’t think FSU has something like this…

6. Gatorade

Formulated in 1965 at UF, this is sports drink is the best creation out there. Not only that, but can students at FSU brag about inventing this amazing product.

7. Campus and student involvement

UF has over 1,000 clubs and organizations on campus, which are great ways to add things to your resume. The amount of organizations and clubs at FSU just doesn’t compare to what UF has to offer.

8. Gator Growl

Every year during homecoming UF hosts Gator Growl, which celebrates homecoming week. It also includes performances from major artists and the homecoming pageant!

9. UF graduate salaries

According to an article by the Alligator, another great newspaper here, UF ranks sixth nationwide for future salaries. All of the hard work UF students do definitely pays off!

10. We accept the best of the best

Everyone knows that UF is difficult to get into with an acceptance rate of 46% according to Niche while FSU’s acceptance rate is 55%. I mean not everyone is destined to become a gator.



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