If you’re taking PSY 2012 or are deciding whether or not to take it, here are some things to help you make your decision. Keep in mind, some of these may only specifically apply to the professor James Yancey.

1. The final is optional

In this class (at least with James Yancey) there are a total of 5 exams spaced throughout the semester (including the final). The final is considered an optional exam because he will drop your lowest exam score. So, if you are happy with how you did on the first four exams and your overall grade is good, you can skip the final. You could also take the final anyway and use it to boost your grade.


2. Homework is unique

There are no essays in this class (yay!), but you do have some unconventional homework. There are about 4 different short study readings throughout the semester you’ll have to do and take an at home quiz on them right after. Do not stress, they actually encourage that you have the reading in a separate tab as you take the quiz. You will also have to acquire 7 research credits which can be obtained either by participating in research studies done by students here at FSU, or by doing an alternative assignment that involves reading 7 different research studies and responding to them all. Your choice.


3. James Yancey is a great professor

If you want advice on a great professor to choose for your class, James Yancey is a great one. He makes the lecture funny and interesting and shows pictures of his two cats named Derpy and Brie. He likes to reference/quote Mean Girls a lot. He is all around a pleasant person and a great teacher that will help you understand difficult concepts.


4. Powerpoints are all online

If you happen to miss out on class, don’t stress too much, because all the powerpoints are online. It should be noted, however, that you shouldn’t take this as an excuse to miss class all the time because everything is better retained and understood when being explained in the lecture. Plus, it would just put you behind and mean that you have to look at it on your own time, and nobody wants to do that.


5. Textbook

This class does have an assigned textbook for the course. There are chapters they want you to read every day/every other day. However, as long as you attend class and pay attention and study what is on the powerpoint’s, you should be fine. Everything you’ll read is taught in class and the tests are based on what is taught in class. P.S. Amazon usually has great prices for renting textbooks.


All in all, PSY 2012 has great material that those of you interested in psychology will love learning about and it is certainly a breeze of a class. Just don’t put those research credits off until the last minute!


Lyndsie Zimmerman

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