Life for a commuter student can be challenging regardless if your commute is 5 minutes or over an hour. Unlike residents who can retreat to their dorms at their leisure, commuters don’t have such an option, so i’ve created a quick guide to help you transition into the commuter life.

Portable Charger

Buying a portable charger can arguably be one of the best purchases to make as a commuter. Unlike residents, commuters don’t have dorms to charge their devices, so portable chargers may be the key to keep their phone/devices efficiently charged. Portable chargers come in all shapes and dimensions, making them super easy to toss into your backpack as you head out the door of your home.

Find a study space

This may be one of the most important tips. Residents have the comfort of their dorms to utilize as a study space, so it’s a good idea you find a space of your own. Libraries are one of the most common silent study spaces, but make an effort in finding out where our university has study lounges. Some study lounges may have computers, making it easier for you to access the internet for research.

Find other commuter buddies

The university you are at may already have a commuter club which may be worth checking out. Having contact with other commuters can help make your travel easier since you guys can share tips back and forth.

Learn the area around your school

Regardless if you’re studying at a university in the city, or in the suburbs, learning about the nearby area can be very helpful. Often, you may have breaks in between classes for hours. During this time, you can visit nearby stores/cafes to help pass the time. Become aware of different methods of transportation as well. For example, if applicable, learn the train routes and the bus schedule.

Buy a locker

A locker can be your best friend! Look in to see if your university offers lockers for rent. This way you have somewhere to store your textbooks and other belongings so you don’t have to lug around everything during the day.

Meal Plans

Although contrary to belief, commuters can benefit from meal plans as well. There may even be specialized commuter plans available. This can make your college life easier so you don’t have to constantly carry around cash for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Although commuter life is not the same as resident life, it can be doable. Take it one step at a time and keep in mind that transitions do not happen overnight and it may take some time to fit into a groove. Don’t lose hope!


Edona Dauti

Student at Fordham University in NYC!

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