Best Way to Ace Your Midterm at Fordham University

Midterm Week is one of the most stressful weeks second to Finals week! These next few days are particularly difficult to handle, so i’ve created this guide to help.


This is an obvious point, but believe it or not, some students don’t study and simply rely on the information they have retained. This is not advised since much of what you have learned at the start of the semester could have easily been forgotten.

Break up your study times.

Don’t try to spend all of your day studying. Instead, try taking breaks in between your sessions. Make sure to take reasonable breaks to give your brain a chance to cool off. For example, you can study for a couple hours then go and grab a quick bite to eat with your friends, and then return back to studying. Also, don’t save all of your study time for the night before, because that will just lead to stress and exhaustion.

Create a schedule.

Write down when your midterms are and what assignments you need to have finished by when. This will help you stay on top of your game and keep you from getting overwhelmed.

Don’t forget to relax.

It’s important to not take on too much to the point where you are extremely stressed. Keep in mind your mental health and try to get a reasonable amount of sleep before your exams. Try taking a few breaks where you can try to meditate or simply take a walk outside.

Office Hours.

Professors have office hours available to students, so if you are confused about a certain problem, try attending office hours and ask for clarification. You’re professors want you to succeed, and they know how difficult midterm week can be, so visiting them because it can be very beneficial. If you are not comfortable with open conversation, consider sending them an email about any questions you may have!


Tutoring services are widely offered and often, tutors are students who have previously taken the class. Tutors can give helpful pointers and can give you study tips which they might have used to succeed on their midterm in the past.

Psychological Services.

A majority of universities offer a number of free counseling sessions to their students. Don’t be afraid to attend one because you don’t need to have a certain “problem” to go. Anyone and everyone is welcome to go regardless, so take a look into these services because they may help!


Good luck on your midterm exams!


Edona Dauti

Student at Fordham University in NYC!

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