Fordham dining has the reputation of worst campus food. So coming into my freshman year was a little unpleasant, waiting for the gross cafeteria food. Honestly, not as bad as I thought. But it’s still pretty bad.

I’ve been a healthy eater all my life, and walking into the Fordham dining hall is a living hell. Pizza, fries, burgers, and hot dogs are offered everyday for lunch and dinner. But, it’s not bad to eat these things. It’s just better not to eat them all the time. That is why you have to discover how to take the different individual foods offered to create a healthier option.

Cafeteria Hack No. 1: Stock up on fruit.

Whether for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, its good to have a piece of fruit with your meal. Bring some back to your dorm, so instead of snacking on chips or cookies, you can have a caf apple. Use your meal swipe to your advantage, if there is good fruit one day, bring a bunch back to the dorm.

Cafeteria Hack No. 2: Make sure you eat protein.

If you don’t like meat, there is a vegetarian station in the middle of the caf. But, you can always get protein from the yogurt and fruit station in the back, and make yourself a nice little parfait. Add some granola or whole wheat Cheerios for a nice crunch. Another form of protein is peanut butter! Make yourself a piece of toast with peanut butter and banana on top. Or on Sunday brunch, some avocado toast! They offer slices of avocado at the vegetarian station in the middle of the cafeteria, so just make your toast, and put some slices on it! You can even ask for a fried egg and put in on top.

Cafeteria Hack No. 3: If you don’t like the meat offered in the cafeteria, there is a salad station to the left when you first walk in.

They offer numerous amounts of protein, such as cheese, tofu, and other alternatives! Make yourself a salad and put some protein on it, just to make sure you are staying healthy and getting your body what it needs.

Cafeteria Hack No. 4: Bring your refillable water bottle.

Get some cold water from the fountain drink stations in the cafeteria, or fill it up with some fruit flavored water, which they switch up everyday! Sometimes it cucumber, sometimes its fruity with melons. Definitely a great way to get some cold water.

If the cafeteria doesn’t interest you, don’t be worried. There are plenty alternatives around campus, such as The Grill, which has great smoothies! Or Queens Court, which makes great toasted sandwiches. Best of all, if you are craving Panera, there is another chain called Cosi on campus, which offers meal swipe alternatives like half soup and half sandwiches. They have some great Mac and cheese as well!!

Don’t let the rankings turn you away, there are always some great ways to raid the cafeteria and take advantage of what it offers!!


Isabel Murphy

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