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No. 1: Basic Business Insight

Ground Floor has been rearranged as of the 2017 school year, so that most classes are filled with guest speakers who introduce different topics in business such as finance, accounting, marketing, entrepreneurship, etc. This gives you a chance to realize what real life people experience everyday in the work forces, giving you an insight of what you might want to do.

No. 2: LinkedIn

Create a LinkedIn account. This is the Snapchat/Instagram/Vsco/Facebook of the business world. Except…don’t go posting pictures. It’s more of a way to show yourself off and create connections with people. It will reveal opportunities for jobs and internships. Message important people and put yourself out there!!

No. 3: Connect

If I have learned anything this semester, it would be to make connections. Introduce yourself to business people and put in the effort to follow-up with them. Have a nice lunch, become friendly and familiar. Make sure  they know and recognize you.

No. 4: How to Present

My professor wants us to present like we are pitching our own products…pretty much we need to sell this product. So not only, is it great exposure to how you can present in a meeting or deal with sales, but it helps you talk in front of a room full of other students. Great public speaking practice, and possibly your future job!

No. 5: Writing Practice

The amount of writing you have to do in this class maybe a bit absurd, but it has definitely improved my research and writing skills. How to read an article and analyze it, then fit it in your writing assignment.

No. 6: How to Write to a CEO

Not only does it improve your writing skills, but it teaches you how to write to a CEO. This is some intense stuff that you wouldn’t learn in the office when you first need to write to the CEO. It will be a well paid off skill for life later on.

No. 7: How to Deal With Failure

As an entrepreneur, one of the most imports aspects to have is to be able to deal with failure. Failure should never discourage you, but rather to  push your journey farther along and give you motivation to succeed.

No. 8: Expand Your Horizons

Don’t be pinned on what makes the most money, unless you know that’s what will make you happy. Explore your options in this class, and what aspect you like and dislike with each assignment. Find something you enjoy and think you can succeed at, it will make the internships more enjoyable..!

No. 9: Collaboration

For a majority of the projects you will become very close with a group of 5 people. You all have to work together in order to pitch your company at the end of the year, as well as other presentations. This helps mirror what working with other people will be like. Although you may disagree on some things, you all need to collaborate and work together in the end.

No. 10: Work Hard and Stay Organized

This class is a work load, but when executed correctly, isn’t that bad. Make sure you follow the syllabus, and do your work before its due, that way, you won’t be overwhelmed with the crazy work schedule. This mimics what a busy business workload may be like, and with the correct execution, can be done quickly. Work hard, stay organized, and you can get the A you want.



Isabel Murphy

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