Selecting classes for an upcoming semester can be challenging at George Mason University. Deciding what classes have the least amount of homework is nearly impossible. Here are 10 of the Easiest Classes at GMU, aka GPA savers.

1. ARTH 101 – Introduction to the Visual Arts

Starring at art twice a week and receiving credit? Sign me up!

2. PHIL 100 – Introduction to Philosophy

The word ‘introduction’ before any course title is always a good sign. This course addresses philosophical reasoning. This sounds like a lot of vocab, but an easy A nonetheless.

3. RELI 100 – The Human Religious Experience

I’m enrolled in this class now, and it’s pretty good. There are only three exams, and my professor gives great examples of Hinduism and Buddhism concepts. Waiting in line at the bookstore to buy a green scantron and a blue book took longer than the first exam.

4. BIOL 103 – Introductory Biology I

The required textbook was a sad waste of money. But, after taking biology in high school this class was a breeze.

5. COMM 101 – Interpersonal and Group Interaction

This class has a lot of group work, which some students enjoy. This class contains communication strategies that everyone can benefit from.

6. ASTR 103 – Astronomy

This course is just as easy as the lab that goes with it. My class had weekly quizzes and NO FINAL EXAM.

7. MATH 106 – Quantitative Reasoning

Typically math classes make me dizzy, but not this one. The Pearson online homework helped me learn the material. There was more critical thinking than numbers, which was very refreshing.

8. HIST 100 – History of Western Civilization

This class covers ancient Mediterranean origins. If you’re sick of learning about Christopher Columbus, this is your type of class!

9. ANTH 114 – Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Learning about the social organization was very neat. My professor played multiple short clips that further explained the topics. We even watched a few films in class!

10. GEOL 101 – Introductory Geology I

Similar to earth science in high school, this class expands on earthquakes and marine processes. Any college course similar to a high school class is a home run.


Paige Downing

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