What was life before smartphones? Here are the top ten apps every GMU student should download ASAP!

1. Mason Money

This app allows GMU students to check account balances and view recent transactions through the Mason IDs. And of course, you can add Mason Money. That $12 you spent a Panera and the day you went to Southside three times? It”ll all show-up on the app.

2. GroupMe

GroupMe makes group work a million times easier. You can like messages and @ people in your group. This means more time to complete the project and less time talking about the project.

3. Crisis Edu.

This app contains “GMU Emergency Preparedness,” which is super helpful. There are eighteen apps within the app dedicated to levels of safety information. You can even call the GMU Police in an instant.

4. Snapchat

Taking selfies and texting? That’s like two birds, one stone. The puppy filter is my favorite.

5. Find iPhone

The drama of losing a phone is more severe than any drama on reality TV. Use this app to find your phone so you and your bestie can continue Snapchatting.

6. Outlook

Outlook Mail allows you to get notifications the minute you receive an email. Although I probably wouldn’t do the study guide my professor emailed me, at least I knew about it right away!

7. Mobile Mason

This app contains all things Mason; from Athletics to Shuttles to Dining, this app’s got GMU students covered!

8. Pandora

9. Instagram

Location: George Mason University. Caption: Emoji, emoji @bestie #GMU

10. Facebook

While Facebook isn’t as “cool” as other social media platforms, your grandparents, parents and their friends live for your college updates. Give the people what they want.

11. Solvit

On demond tutor App for pretty much all your courses. Get instant help in minutes from experts in Math, Chemistry and Physics etc. Make sure to download and find more details here!


Paige Downing

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