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When you first arrive at college, you might not know which major to choose. Some students even remain undecided until the end of their sophomore year. Knowing more about majors at the college you go to might help you make a decision. Here are 10 reasons to love the Organizational Sciences major at GWU:

1.Small class sizes

Not many students at GWU major in Organizational Sciences. This means that you will have smaller class sizes. This is perfect for students who like discussion based classes and more personalized class material.

2. It’s unique

Organizational Sciences is a fairly new major that only a few schools offer. The major combines business and psychology, and some classes focus on both subjects. If you love business and also love psychology, this is the major for you.

3.Great if you’re not a math person

If you are looking to get a business degree but do not want to suffer through endless math classes, the Organizational Sciences major will work for you. At GWU, you only need one stats and one econ class to complete the math portion of the major.

4.Applicable information

Many Organizational Sciences classes present extremely interesting content because the information applies to a business setting as well as to everyday life. For example, a communications class- you’ll need to know how to communicate no matter what, and COMM 3170 at GWU goes over relatable scenarios and how to communicate effectively when faced with these scenarios.

5.Easy to connect with professors and classmates

As mentioned above, the Organizational Sciences department at GWU is small. This gives students a better chance at connecting with professors and classmates on a more personal level. This might even help you land a job later on. 

6.Helps you work together with others

The Organizational Sciences classes at GWU focus heavily on group projects. This will force you to work together with others whether you want to or not. As annoying as a group project might seem, working in groups will definitely help you out when you land your first job.

7.It’s broad

Another wonderful aspect of the Organizational Sciences major is that it is super broad. If you like health, go work for a health company. If you like nonprofits, go work for a nonprofit. Those are just examples. It’s up to you!

8.Plenty of internships

Because of the fact that the Organizational Sciences major is broad, there are plenty of internships available and you will be able to land something in no time. It’s much easier to find an internship when you have so many different options.

9.Mostly easy to understand

Something to love about the Organizational Sciences major at GWU is that most of the information you will learn is very concrete. This is perfect for someone who prefers to learn about real-world scenarios instead of abstract ideas or situations.10. You can go do what you love

Ultimately, the major will leave you with the opportunity go into pretty much any kind of company you want. After all, doing something you love is most important.

When choosing your major, try not to let pressure from others around you influence your decision. In the end, if you choose something you love, you’ll be happy no matter what. And if you’re undecided right now, don’t worry. Everything will fall into place!


Becca Paul

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