Sociology can be a tough topic to study. Taking a college level sociology course will require a lot of critical thinking. But you will walk away with more perspective and more motivation to solve social problems. That being said, SOC 1002 (specifically with Professor Ken) will require some work on the students’ part. Here are 10 ways to ace SOC 1002 at GWU:

1. Do the readings

In this class, readings make up your participation points. The professor gives a quiz at the start of each class, and will randomly call your name to answer a quiz question. If you cannot answer the question, you get a zero for the day. Keep up with the readings in this class to avoid a failing participation grade.

2. Go to a public hearing

This class requires you to attend a public hearing at the D.C. City Council sometime before the end of the semester. The earlier you do this, the more you will understand what to do when it comes to writing your own testimony to present either at City Council or in front of the class.

3. Ask your TA for help

Sometimes, class topics might seem ambiguous and hard to understand. When you cannot contact your professor, ask your TA the questions that you have. You will do well on tests if you have a better understanding of topics taught in the course.

4. Study in a group

Seeing that course topics might seem difficult to grasp, studying in groups will help you out immensely. Your peers can help you understand some of the information and vice versa.

5. Start the testimony project early

In this class, you will have a semester-long testimony project where you will research a piece of legislation and eventually present a testimony at the end of the semester. Make sure you start early when it comes to finding a topic that you have a passion for. You won’t want to end up switching your topic last minute.

6. Find a social problem you identify with

This course focuses largely on social problems and possible solutions to such problems. Finding a social problem you identify with might help you apply some of the course topics in a way more relevant to your own life.

7. Value your time in the class

Taking this class will help you gain new perspectives about world problems. Not all students have the privilege of taking a sociology class, so make sure you take full advantage of what this class has to offer.

8. Ask the professor your questions

Although your TA will offer you a ton of help, sometimes asking your professor your questions will help you even more.

9. Have fun

Although it might not at first sound fun, writing a testimony and attending a public hearing at City Council will be fun and will help you apply the information to real-world scenarios.

10. Use the information to help others

Upon learning more about sociology, you will be more prepared to take what you learned out into the real world and to help offer solutions to the many social problems out there.

Sometimes it’s hard to pay attention in class, especially when you’re a college student with a bunch of assignments you have to complete at once. Hopefully these tips will help you ace SOC 1002 at GWU.

Becca Paul

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