Some students love writing, but some students hate it. Regardless of how students feel about writing, all Freshmen at GWU have to take University Writing. Students pick the course based on the available topics of interest, which makes the course seem more exciting. Here are 5 expectations for the University Writing class at GWU:

1. You won’t have to read

Seeing that University Writing has the word “writing” in the title, it seems as though the class would not involve a ton of reading. Depending on your professor, you might have weekly readings based on the topic of the class. Your professor will also assign readings that address writing and grammar rules in general.

2. You’ll only write one paper

Many students go into this class with the idea that the class focuses on writing one final paper. Your professor will probably assign smaller projects throughout the semester that prepare you to write the final paper.

3. You’ll love this class

Students choose the University Writing course based on the available topics of interest, so the course seems much more exciting than the general education requirements. Even so, you could end up hating the course if you realize that the topic is not interesting to you. Make sure you choose a topic you will want to stick with.

4. You’ll hate this class

On the other hand, many students taking this class dislike writing altogether. Just remember that this class will help you in the long run. In college, having good writing skills will help you immensely. The class also teaches you the proper way to write a research paper, which will save you throughout your college career.

5. You won’t have to take this class

All GWU Freshman have to take University Writing. Try getting the class over with during your first semester so you will have it completed. Nothing feels better than completing your required college classes.

Hopefully this blog post helped you figure out your expectations as well as the reality of University Writing. If you’re an incoming Freshman at GWU, don’t stress! The class goes by quickly and you’ll have great writing skills before you know it.


Becca Paul

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