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Students in the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences at GWU  need to take two science courses with a lab before graduating. ANTH 1001 (Biological Anthropology) fulfills part of this requirement. Taking your first science with a lab at GWU might seem daunting, but you’ll quickly realize it’s not too challenging. Here are 5 things to know before you take ANTH 1001 at GWU:

1. Your professor will most likely hold class in a giant lecture hall

Since students in CCAS need two science with a lab courses to fulfill the general education requirements, a ton of students will take this course. The ANTH 1001 class that I took as a Sophomore had over 300 students in it. The course fills up quickly so make sure to register for it as fast as possible.

2. Your lab might not take place the same day as the lecture

You can choose a lab section on almost any day of the week. It might serve you best to choose a lab on the same day as the lecture so that you will have the information in the front of your mind. Choosing a lab the same day as the lecture hall helped me immensely.

3. Your lab will not take the full two hours.

A two hour lab seems tiring and unnecessary, but every science class at GWU includes a two-hour weekly lab. The ANTH 1001 lab typically only lasts one hour as long as you focus and do the work.

4. Tests are multiple choice (at least with professor Barr) and will not challenge you if you studied and listened in lecture.

The first test of the semester almost always seems terrifying, since you don’t know what to expect. Professor Barr gives multiple choice tests and he doesn’t include any trick questions. As long as you listen in lecture and study to the best of your ability, you will do well in this class.

5. You will have fun

Large lectures hall classes might seem boring to a lot of students. You can learn a lot of new information in this Biological Anthropology class and you will even get to take a trip to the zoo for a lab assignment. Go into this class with a positive attitude and make the best of the lecture.

If you’re a student at GWU in the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, consider taking ANTH 1001 to fulfill part of the science with a lab general education requirement. You will do well in the course and have fun as well!



Becca Paul

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