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There are certain things you only understand if you go to the George Washington University. From 8am’s on the Vern to cheering on the GW basketball team at games theres certain things that you can only say you did if you went to GW.

1. How much you appreciate a bacon, egg, and cheese from the famous GW deli

2. You probably lived in Thurston Hall freshman year

3. You’ve spent more time in Gelbucks than the Gelman library

4. Whole foods is your dining hall

5. You can’t explain to people why our mascot is a hippo

6. You lived in a dorm for 4 years and you don’t understand why this isn’t normal

7. You constantly ask “Do you take Gworld?”

8. You constantly brag about how close the white house is

9. You hate the vern and the vex and have never gone there since freshman year

10. You’ve bragged about graduating on the national mall

11. The guy at carvings knows you’re ordering mozzarella sticks when you walk in at 2am

12. You went to the closing night of shadow room at least 3 times

13. Foggy bottom turns into a wind tunnel in the winter

14. You go to the health and wellness center for south block more than for the gym

15. You know the fight song by heart and start chanting when you hear it no matter where you are

16. The sight of the presidential motorcade driving by never gets old

17. You go to the most politically active school in the country so there is no shortages of marches, protests, and debates

18. Every weekend night you ask yourself if you’re going to take a 4ride or an emerge home

19. Living in a city campus means sirens and fire engines as daily background noise

20. You have fond memories of colonial inauguration and the leaders dancing in banana suits

Get buff, go blue, go GW!


Becca Paul

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